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CRFF Ranks the Uniforms of the Big 12

The writers of CRFF put their brains together to come up with a definitely definitive ranking of the Big 12 conference football uniforms.

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Uniforms are part of what make college football the best sport in the world. In this world there are terrible things (bad wifi) and great things (mac n' cheese and bacon hot dogs) - college uniforms are no different.

With the college season less than 50 days away (!!!) we decided that it was time to put the debate to rest and give you the only definitive ranking of the Big 12 uniforms.

No. 10: Iowa State Cyclones - 12 points

Iowa State may not only have the worst uniforms in the Big 12 but they might have the worst threads in the country. Repeatedly referred to as McDonald's University, the Cyclones just can't seem to catch a break in the equipment room or on the field.

New head coach, Matt Campbell, has hinted that the Cyclones may be getting a much needed upgrade in the near future. Please don't forget the throwback striped uniforms and what they did to our country. Let us take a moment of silence for all Iowa State fans.

No. 9: Kansas Jayhawks - 25 points

Personally, I don't mind the KU uniforms and think that their rebrand a few years ago was a step in the right direction. I mean how wrong can you go with red, white and blue?

But the writers disagreed with me and the people have spoken as the Jayhawks ended up in 9th place in the rankings. The grey uniforms that Kansas uses are not very good and that's probably a large part of what landed them in this spot. I think the overall uniform concept is clean and attractive but the Big 12 is home to some really good uniforms.

No 8: Texas Tech Red Raiders - 34 points

Like Kansas', I also love the Texas Tech template and some are their alternates are straight fire. The Red Raiders lone star uniforms were terrible and I'm allowed to say that because I was born in Texas. When they don't try and get too flashy they put out a pretty good product week in and week out.

No. 7: Oklahoma Sooners - 40 points

This is really where things started to get tricky in the rankings. The traditional OU threads are some of the best in the country but the Sooners killed their chances at a better spot in the poll with their lame "bring the wood" alternate uniforms.

The alternates are hideous and if OU knew what was good for them they would go back to the drawing board and realize that when you're one of the most prestigious programs in the country that you don't need lame alternates. But hey, I guess it gave them a boost in 'crootin so they've got that going for them.

Last, can we laugh at how Trevor Knight is the poster boy for the alternate uniforms and then bailed for A&M?

No. 6: West Virginia Mountaineers - 44 points

BOOOOOOO! We got this one wrong and for that I apologize to you, the reader. I've got no clue what my colleagues were thinking here voting West Virginia this high on the list. They might have the worst numbers in the country and that yellow is awful.

The all-white uniform isn't unbearable but that gets washed out by just about everything else and for that I'm sorry.

No. 5: Kansas State Wildcats - 44 (1) points

Is there anything that needs to be said for Kansas State? Seriously, their uniforms match their play on the field - they get the job done but don't excite me or anyone else.

They're boring but not in a terrible way and the purple does just enough to make the uniforms pop. Plus, they get bonus points for not rolling out vomit-inducing alternates like OU.

Old Man Whetsell probably put Kansas State at No. 1.

No. 4: Baylor Bears - 46 points

Oh Baylor...

It's so hit or miss with you every single Saturday and while I love just about everything you roll out my CRFF brethren do not - so you take the #4 spot on the list.

The Baylor all-black uniforms make me feel incredible things in my heart that I haven't felt since I was a kid running around at Disney World in 2001. Their chrome helmets are astronomically better than so many other schools and like Texas Tech, when they limit the flashiness the uniform is always good.

No. 3: Texas Longhorns - 53 points

Classic. Clean. Unaltered.

The day that Texas changes their uniform is the day that this great nation should strip them of the Longhorn Network. In terms of classic uniforms, Texas has the best in the conference and it's not that close. If they ever rolled out a different helmet like this black one I would lose my mind with happiness though.

The colors work perfect and they will forever. God bless you, Texas.

No. 2: TCU Horned Frogs - 70 points (4)

TCU had my first place vote just because I love the purple and will until I die.

Everything that TCU rolls out is great, including the frog skin uniforms. If you don't like the frog uniforms then you're wrong and you hate fun - so lighten up. The numbering, letters and logo are all perfect, especially when paired with the purple and black.

You go, TCU. Keep slaying, girl.

No. 1: Oklahoma State Cowboys - 72 points (4)

It was close, Cowboy fans, but you made it out on top. Did you ever really have any doubts? You probably shouldn't have because the OSU uniforms are breathtaking.

The new template grows on me as every moment passes. Everything is perfect and even though it may be just a tad too flashy, it's not overwhelming. It is an upgrade from the previous template, which when released was groundbreaking but quickly grew old.

The possibilities with the new uniforms are endless and they're going to be so much fun.

Well there you have it folks - the definitive ranking of all of the Big 12 uniforms from worst to first. What did we get right and what did we get wrong? Tell us in the comments below!