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WATCH: Josh Fields and Rashaun Woods reflect on 2002 Bedlam Win

Rashaun Woods is still open.

Woods stretches for pass
Still open.
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

One of the biggest wins in Oklahoma State history has been brought back to life by Orange Power Studios. On November 30, 2002, the Cowboys punked third-ranked Oklahoma to the tune of 38-28. At one point in the 3rd quarter, the Pokes were up by a score of 35-6.

On that day, Josh Fields went 18-27 for 357 yards, and Rashuan Woods had 12 catches (!) for 226 yards (!!) and three touchdowns (!!!).

Oh, and Rashaun is STILL open.

I was only seven at the time, but it was the first (of many, I should add) Oklahoma State football game that I really remember being emotionally invested in. This game holds a special place for a lot of us. The commentary from Fields and Woods is a great touch. Check out the full video from Orange Power Studios below.