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Buy or Sell: Stripe the Stadium

Is it time for OSU to jump on the stadium striping train? Is it ever time for that?

Bruce Waterfield/OSU Athletics

I received an email from Posse today. Some of you may have received the same one. What you may or may not have noticed is the interesting and sure to be controversial note on the attached football schedule. No, not the note about Texas being the premium game. We all knew that was coming.

It appears as though Oklahoma State intends to stage an official striping (not stripping) of the stadium for the Pittsburgh game. I’ve been attending OSU football games for over a decade and I don’t recall this ever being done, at least not in any official capacity. Sure, there have been fan-inspired blackouts, but nothing organized by the university. Which does not mean this a new or innovative idea by any stretch. Schools all across the country do things like this all the time, some better than others. I’d like to think we’d be on the good end of the spectrum, but the question remains, is that a spectrum we want to be on at all?

Buy or Sell: OSU should stripe the stadium for the Pittsburgh game.


Things like this are fun and exciting. The game will be on ESPN and it will be a good look on national television. Sure we have the Sea of Orange, but no one is suggesting we do away with that. It’s just one game, and keeping things fresh by doing something a little different from time to time is a good thing. It’s not like anyone is suggesting we wear crimson. Just relax and have fun with it.

Besides, that one orange shirt you wear to every home game could probably use a bye week anyway.


This is really just because the official spirit shirt now comes in both orange and black isn’t it? Has anyone stopped to consider this game is scheduled for 2:30 in the afternoon? In Oklahoma. In mid-September. If I’m not in an orange section, I’m moving. Not to mention, the waving song is disorienting enough. With a striped stadium it’s going to be borderline Grateful Dead concert.

This is a ridiculous thing schools need to stop doing. It always looks ridiculous. It will look ridiculous in Boone Pickens Stadium. And it’s not even creative.

Look, this just isn’t right. We wear orange. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. So stop this madness, show up, wear orange, and scream your head off.