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Following Oklahoma State on the road in 2016 is easier than you might think

The Cowboys stay close to home this year, relatively.

Following the Oklahoma State football team on the road in 2016 is easier than you might think.

The Cowboys don’t have to go to West Virginia, Ames (thank God) or Lubbock. Provo and Memphis are still a few years away. Assuming you live in the Oklahoma City area, the longest car ride to any away game this year, is a little over four hours.

Four hours and 16 minutes week 4 in Waco, Texas.

Four hours and 29 minutes week 8 in Lawrence, Kansas.

Four hours and 23 minutes week 10 in Manhattan, Kansas.

Two hours and 59 minutes week 12 in Fort Worth, Texas.

And for the season finale, a 30 minute ride to the Inferno with potential Big 12 title implications; or as we like to call it, Bedlam.

Oklahoma State might not go 5-0 on that road trip, but a 22-9 record on the road since 2010 definitely deserves some out of town respect. Also if you go to the Kansas game, you can buy a $10 dollar ticket and get close enough behind the visitor sideline to hear everything going on. By the second quarter, you’re all the way down to the fence, because all the KU fans on that side of the stadium can’t take anymore.

K-State fans are, well, they’re actually fans who go to their games. They fill Bill Snyder Stadium full, and they get extra loud when Oklahoma State comes to town on a Saturday evening. The cool thing about Kansas State fans is they’ll come out and get pumped for an 11 a.m. start, 2:30 p.m. start or prime time. All in all, the Little Apple loves its football, which makes for a great atmosphere.

I’m not sure how to motivate you to go to Waco, except to cheer on Oklahoma State. In Baylor’s first three games, they play Northwestern State, SMU and Rice. Oklahoma State will be Baylor’s first true test after this horrid offseason. I’d love to go down there and see this team make up for last year.

Fort Worth is hardly three hours away from OKC, and it’s the Cowboys second to last game. We’re all hoping that game could have Big 12 title implications, and very well could be one of the premier games of the week. As a majority, I’ve had more positive experiences than negative experiences with TCU fans. Plus, with no Trevone Boykin or Josh Docton, I’m feeling pretty good about our chances.

And then there’s Bedlam. Nothing says fun like 80,000 screaming, drunk OU fans always getting the final laugh. What’s worse, I hear they’re making that place bigger. Bedlam tickets are crazy expensive as it is, and usually sell out very quickly. But the troopers who march bravely into Norman in their bright orange: we salute you.

But just because you can’t make it to every Oklahoma State game, doesn’t make you any less of a super fan. Not everyone can devote the majorities of their Saturday’s following a football team. Jobs, money and family are often eating up all our time, but if you feel like splurging a little and taking a small road trip, making road games in 2016 is surprisingly simple.