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Tweets of the Week: June 27th - July 4th

Check out last week’s Tweets of the Week!

It’s time for Tweets of the Week! In this weekly post, we will select and break down ten of the best tweets from the previous week in no particular order. Is your Twitter game strong enough to make Tweets of the Week?

Future of the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Peyton sure has an eye for talent.

Get outta here, Texas & Mizzou. These coaches are ours. #GoPokes

Once a Cowboy, always a Cowboy. R.I.P.

Looks like one of the best Cowboys ever is being honored by the UN.

Keep it up, Zach! Also, Arrested Development is sooo underrated. Go watch it. All of it.

Click the Instagram link for the full message. Good luck at the next level, Donnie!

This is awesome. You can tell Coach Underwood is a real "player’s coach". Thomas Walkup was Underwood’s star at Stephen F. Austin this past season. It was a joy watching him during the tourney.

haha! This was tweeted during the wake of the Kevin Durant news. You blew your chance, OU.

Former Poke, Andrew Heaney, with the zinger!!!

Bonus Tweeeet!

#FallisComing #YouKnowNothingBobStoops