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CRFF All-Time Cowboy Tournament: T. Boone Pickens vs. Daniel Cormier

Round 1 of the CRFF All-Time Cowboy Tournament has officially started! If you don’t already know about this tournament we are holding, check out the Tournament introductory blog! We have seeded 30 of the best to ever wear the orange and black.


What is an “All-Time Cowboy,” exactly? Whatever you think it is. This is not a “who’s better?” contest, this is a tournament for the fans. Who did you idolize growing up as a Pokes fan? Who is constantly representing our beloved University, even past their college days? Who would you most want to sit down next to at the Penny, and drink a limey with? These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself while voting. This is for you guys!

You can check out the full bracket here!

Round 1 / Match 1: #16 T. Boone Pickens vs. #17 Daniel Cormier

Senators Join T. Boone Pickens To Introduce 'NAT GAS' Act Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

T. Boone Pickens is the lone non-athlete of the tournament, however, he has truly effected OSU athletics on every single level. It could be argued that he deserves to be much higher in the seeding, but he was held back because he never actually suited up for the Cowboys while in Stillwater (unless you count wearing your pledge suit in the SAE fraternity house, “suiting up.”)

T. Boone Pickens was almost a Texas Aggie... Yikes. T. Boone first attended Texas A&M on a basketball scholarship, only to have that scholarship later pulled. He then transferred to Oklahoma State where he studied geology.

After striking it rich in the oil industry, T. Boone Pickens decided he was done watching his Pokes get beat up on the field. in 2005, he donated $165,000,000 and the rest is history. He has now donated over 1 billion (with a “B”) dollars to Oklahoma State and their athletic department. We now have some of the most beautiful and advanced facilities in all of college athletics, and we owe most of that to T. Boone Pickens.

Thanks, T. Boone! Love you lots!

MMA: UFC 187-Johnson vs Cormier-Weigh Ins Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Former OSU wrestler, and current UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Cormier, is one of the premier talents in the fighting world right now. The #6 ranked UFC fighter looks to take down Pickens in his first round match up.

After two undefeated years in junior college, Cormier decided to join wrestling power house, Oklahoma State. He went 53-10 during his OSU career, and after graduating, went to the 2004 Olympics, receiving 4th. In the following Olympics, he was named team captain of the U.S. wrestling squad. If Cormier is good enough to be the captain of the pound-for-pound strongest dudes in America, he’s good enough for this tournament.


There you have it, folks. Are you siding with our biggest booster, or our toughest fighter? Vote in the bracket above, or in the tweet below!