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New NCAA recruiting rules in effect today

Why is my phone blowing up?

John Weast/Getty Images

If you are like me and follow one or more of Oklahoma State’s coaching staff on Twitter, you may have noticed something a little odd/annoying. RT, RT, RT, RT, RT, RT.

New NCAA rules that effect recruiting and social media contact were announced earlier this year and go into effect today, August 1.

Here’s a great breakdown from the "mother ship" at SB Nation.

Also, the specifics were posted on reddit, as well. Why they came up with the "one minute later" rule, I have no idea.

That’s right. College coaches are now able to retweet prospects. (That was against the rules prior to today, being considered "publicizing a prospect’s recruitment".)

So what does it mean for us? Not much. But if you’re not one of those who follows recruiting, you may want to unfollow some of your favorite coaching staff members. This is only the beginning.