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Cowboy Walk-On Awarded Scholarship

Its always great to see hard work pay off!

Oklahoma State’s Keegan Metcalf

Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy announced today that the Cowboys will be placing walk-on fullback Keegan Metcalf on scholarship.

The 5’10, 230 lbs Elk City native played linebacker and competed in track and field at Oklahoma Baptist before joining OSU as a sophomore in 2014.

Metcalf didn’t see the field in 2014 but got into the action on special teams in eight games during the 2015 season.

The redshirt senior said that he was headed to talk to a professor about getting into a full class when he received a phone call from Rod Johnson, the Cowboys Assistant Director of Operations. Johnson called him and broke the news.

I don’t know about you but the mood I’m in from trying to figure out how to get into a class that’s full, to finding out I’ve been placed on scholarship, would be vastly different.

I mean his parents were pumped up about it:

"I texted my dad and told him that he didn't have to worry about getting the loan and everything for this semester. He called me right after that and I told him. My parents were actually on the way to my little sister's softball game, so as soon as I said it, I guess my mom overheard because I heard her squealing in the background.”

Here’s Metcalf on what the scholarship means to him:

"Going back to my senior year, I wasn't really getting looked at by anybody. I was from a small Oklahoma town and didn't really do a whole lot. I kind of moved around positions, so I didn't have crazy stats in any specific area. Going from that mindset to thinking I'm going to have to go walk on at a small school just to get a chance to play to coming to OSU, one of the best programs in the nation now and getting to be a Division I scholarship player. I couldn't have imagined it back then."

Watch the full video of Metcalf’s interview above, along with comments from running back’s Coach Marcus Arroyo.

Similar to Metcalf, in 2015, tight end Blake Jarwin, center Brad Lundblade and linebacker Chad Whitener were all walk-ons who were placed on scholarship. In 2016, all three of these guys will be starters for the Cowboys. Now I’m not saying Metcalf is going to be the next Mike Alstott at fullback, but it’s definitely a good sign following in the footsteps of those three.

Whether he turns into an every game contributor, or a regular on special teams, it’s always great when you see someone’s hard work pay off.