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CRFF All-Time Cowboy Tournament: Bob Kurland vs. Mike Holder

Round 2 is underway!


Well guys, we made it through Round 1 of the CRFF All-Time Cowboy Tournament. There have been close match ups, no-brainers, and even a few huge upsets! We even received some comments from the competitors, themselves! We really appreciate all the support and responses through Round 1. The match ups are bound to get TOUGHER. Let’s keep it going ! #EmbraceTheDebate


What is an “All-Time Cowboy,” exactly? Whatever you think it is. This is not a “who’s better?” contest, this is a tournament for the fans. Who did you idolize growing up as a Pokes fan? Who is constantly representing our beloved University, even past their college days? Who would you most want to sit down next to at the Penny, and drink a limey with? These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself while voting. This is for you guys!

You can check out the full bracket here!

Round 2 / Match #19: #2 Bob Kurland vs. #15 Mike Holder


Well, we introduced the competitors in Round 1. It’s time to vote! This is a tough one, but I know who I’m voting for. Do you? Vote below and make sure to share the tweet with your buddies!