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Happy (Belated) Madden Day!

Madden ‘17 was released yesterday. How strong are our Pokes?

Well guys, it’s been a day since Madden ‘17 has been released. Have you bought your copy yet? Every year, everyone makes a big deal out of the Madden player ratings. The fans love seeing where their favorite players rank among the league, and the players also seem to be aware of the way the game views their talents. Dez isn’t happy with his rating.

How do the Pokes fare on Madden ‘17?

(in order of Madding rating)

  • Pretty much as suspected at the top of the list.
  • My boy, Ogbah, will climb higher this season. He will be a beast for the Browns. Book it.
  • No Glidden??!?! You keep Justin Blackmon in the game, but don’t have David Glidden? C’mon Madden!
  • Yeah, Dez was robbed of a few rating points. Prove ‘em wrong, throw up the X!

Strangely enough, I’m not much of a Madden player. However, I am unstoppable on the sticks in 2K and FIFA. I’ve never lost. Ever. If you have a PS4 and want to get waxed in either of those two games, hit me up on Twitter, and I’ll show you how to lose. @AHiggsOSU

Hey Cade, brilliant idea here... CRFF FIFA Tourney. Who’s down?