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Justin Blackmon Sentenced for December 2015 DUI

Justin Blackmon was found guilty today for his December 2015 DUI.

Oklahoma State v Arizona Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

It feels like it’s been a long time since Justin Blackmon threw on the #81 and shredded up Big 12 defenses on his way to back-to-back Biletnikoff awards. Instead of receptions and touchdowns, his stat sheet these days includes marijuana charges and a DUI.

Blackmon had the sentencing today in Ardmore, OK for his most recent run-in with the law, a DUI charge from December 2015. The Tulsa World’s Mark Cooper reported that the Judge accepted Blackmon’s guilty plea. The judge then handed Blackmon a one-year suspended sentence and probation with no jail time.

Per The Oklahoman’s Kyle Fredrickson, the probation consists of the following:

If Blackmon is charged with another DUI anytime over the next 11 years, under Oklahoma law, he will receive a felony charge.

Fredrickson also reported that the County District Judge was very complementary of Blackmon during the sentencing, saying to Blackmon “You’ve been real straight forward with me”. Blackmon also told the court that he is currently living (and “training”) in Dallas, is still employed by the Jacksonville Jaguars and he drives back to Ardmore for church on Sundays.

I mean, you’re obviously going to put on a nice front in court, but I really hope he gets back on the right track. One cool thing to note, he was wearing a black and orange bracelet honoring the late Kurt Budke & Miranda Serna.

On the football side of things, there is no news to report. According to Mark Cooper, Blackmon declined to comment and his attorney gave no indication of his football future.

Hopefully Blackmon is on the way to getting his life back together. He had so much talent, and it would be a shame to completely throw it away. Also, as a side note, he really needs to get that Madden rating up from a 68.