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The Biggest News from the OSU Media Luncheon? The Mike Gundy App

Mike Gundy has an app, and it’s actually pretty incredible.

The Coach Gundy App
@CowboyFB_Elite The official twitter account for Oklahoma State Football Recruiting

The first Oklahoma State media luncheon of the year was today in Stillwater, Oklahoma. A lot of great news coming out of the luncheon, including the week one depth chart, Mike Gundy now saying that six freshmen could see the field this year, and this great quote from Mike Yurcich on his beard:

But… the best news coming from earlier today has to be the introduction of Coach Gundy’s app.

The OSU program has apparently created a "Coach Gundy" app that’s available on iTunes.

Yep, it’s a real thing.

Right when I saw this tweet, I went straight to the app store and downloaded it. Just to let you know, it’s free, but I would have definitely, definitely paid $0.99. No questions asked.

The first message I received on the app is below:

That’s a little creepy. I’m not sure if I want Coach Gundy to know where I am at all times, but whatever, I’ll allow it.

At the bottom of the home page, as you can see, you are given three options, Call Us, Directions and Share.

Call US

If you click call us, you are instantly on a phone call with Chris Deal, the Director of Football Creative Services. So, I would suggest not opening this app if you have been drinking.


This button give you directions from wherever you are to Stillwater, Oklahoma. Why would you want to go anywhere else?


Like the name implies, this button lets you share the app via text message, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The last feature on the home page is the Menu button. If you click on the button to the top left of the screen, it opens the app’s main menu. Some notable menu options are:

  • Nike Swag – Shows you pictures of the new uniforms. See below:
  • Photo Gallery – Multiple different photo galleries including photos from training camp and one gallery titled "Mike Gundy". Which is literally just pictures of Gundy doing different things.
  • Social Media – A list of all the OSU football social media accounts along with the Twitter accounts of each coach.
  • Ask Gundy – Takes you to a page where you can send a message "directly" to Gundy.
  • Walk On Info – If you express interest in walking on to the football team; this is the letter you would receive.

Most of the other categories just take you to different pages on

All I can say is, "What will Gundy think of next?". Overall, the app is really well done and easy to use. However, I definitely think it has some room for improvement.

That being said, the staff here at Cowboys Ride For Free feels that we have some ideas for what these improvements should be. See a few of our suggestions below:

  • Mullet Filter – This amazing feature lets an individual take a selfie with Gundy’s beautiful mullet as their hair; similar to a Snapchat filter. I mean, can you imagine looking like this:
  • Mullet Watch – A daily photo update of Gundy’s mullet. Also, this would be where the breaking news could be found if he decided to shave it.
  • Cowboy Lawn Mower – This add-on is actually a game. The objective of the game is mowing the enormous lawn at Gundy’s house without running into obstacles. Obstacles such as Bob Stoops jumping out of the bushes, or bullet running across the plains of grass.

Our amazing Twitter followers also joined in. Here are some of their suggestions:

I’m logging back into the app, hitting that Call Us button and getting these ideas to Chris Deal as soon as possible.