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CRFF All-Time Cowboy Tournament: Brandon Weeden v. Alex Dieringer

Round 1 of the CRFF All-Time Cowboy Tournament has officially started! In yesterday’s matchup, #8 seed, Rickie Fowler, was upset by #25 seed, Dez Bryant. We wish that matchup could’ve happened later on in the tournament, but that is just how it shook out. If you don’t already know about this tournament we are holding, check out the Tournament introductory blog! We have seeded 30 of the best to ever wear the orange and black.


What is an “All-Time Cowboy,” exactly? Whatever you think it is. This is not a “who’s better?” contest, this is a tournament for the fans. Who did you idolize growing up as a Pokes fan? Who is constantly representing our beloved University, even past their college days? Who would you most want to sit down next to at the Penny, and drink a limey with? These are the types of questions you should be asking yourself while voting. This is for you guys!

You can check out the full bracket here!

Round 1 / Match 3: #9 Brandon Weeden vs. #24 Alex Dieringer

Kansas vs Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

One of the best slingers OSU has ever seen, Brandon Weeden, looks to survive and advance in today’s matchup. Weeden came to OSU by way of Major League Baseball. After a few nagging injuries and ineffectiveness, Weeden decided to quit The Show and use some of his eligibility in Stillwater, OK. A few broken records, and old man jokes later, and Weeden has played himself into the All-Time Cowboy candidate list. Good thing Weeden has some players his age on the list, like Bob Fenimore, Jim Click and Ed Gallagher........

I know what you’re thinking, “has Alex Dieringer already earned this sort of praise?” The answer to your question is, “I don’t know. You tell me. This is for you guys to decide, remember?” The fact is, Dieringer has put together an amazing college career, and not many have the same accomplishments as this young man. Two straight years without a loss, three time NCAA champ, Dan Hodge Award winner, and ESPY “Best Male Athlete of the Year” nominee. Not many can hold a candle to what Dieringer has done at Oklahoma State.


Well, there you go folks. Are you siding with the seasoned fire baller, or the youngin’ with the all the awards and accolades? Vote below and share the tweet with your friends!