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Cowgirls Soccer Get New Uniforms From Nike!

OSU Athletics

Let’s admit it. Most Cowboys fans spend a good deal of time talking about uniforms. Specifically for football and basketball. OSU has become known for having some of the better uni’s in college football thank to Nike. Earlier this year they unveiled new uniforms for the Cowboy team to start wearing this fall.

However, it looks like the football team won’t be the only ones showing off some new threads this season.

The Cowgirl soccer team unveiled their new black Nike soccer kits on twitter and they are sweet! The Euro style fade from white to black is awesome. As is the appearance of phantom pete and the orange outlined numbers.

Earlier in the week the team showed off some other near gear on the first day of fall camp.

We’ve come to expect top of the line uniforms from Nike. It’s just good to know it won’t just be the boys who look good when they take the field this year!