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Dez Goes Viral

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys training camp is in full swing, and we already have a bit of drama. Bleacher Report, a popular sports satire news website, tweeted out the following video of former OSU wide receiver, Dez Bryant.

I thought the same thing you are thinking after watching the video, "man, he looks to be really struggling. He should be better than this." Then I watched the full video, captured by Mike Fisher of 105.3 the Fan.

Okay, something that couldn’t be seen from the b/r video, those footballs are HUMMING. Also, when Dez moves up, he has to be about 5 feet away from that JUGS machine. Plus, he totally makes some difficult catches!

Is it really fair to post an edited video for a few retweets? I mean, it happens all the time, but is it really fair to the "victim"? Dez doesn’t seem to be very happy about it. During an interview with Mike Fisher, Dez had some things to say:

"What (Bleacher Report's) dumbass don't understand is the speed level was sky-high," Bryant said "About 60 [MPH]."

"If it was set on the regular level I woulda caught all of 'em," Bryant said. "But that's not the purpose of the drill. But I guess before their dumbass decides -- you can write 'dumbass' three times -- before they decide they want to make a joke, they need to get all the facts before they come after somebody.''

Now, let me say this, Bleacher Report was not the only news outlet to share that video, but with the following they have, it seemed to do the most damage. Editing or posting a video to make someone look bad, dumb or negative isn’t the most professional thing to do.

As an Oklahoma State fan, and a Dez Bryant fan, I’d like everyone who watched Bleacher Report’s video to know: Dez Bryant did not get his football ability sucked out of him Space Jam style. He’ll be catching everything his way, come September.