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OSU Scheduling: The Revenge Squad

Sean Gardner/Getty Images

I’m not kidding when I say I check the FB Schedule website daily hoping for OSU football scheduling news. I also spend way too much time looking at other teams’ schedules dreaming of potential match-ups. Last time, I looked at the teams OSU had never played before on the gridiron (and there were quite a few).

This time I got to thinking about teams we have never beaten. Played, but never tasted victory over. It’s a short, but rather historic list of teams.

Miami (1991)

Michigan (1926, 1992)
Minnesota (1927, 1931)
Ohio State (1989, 2004)

Oregon (2008)

Florida (1990)
LSU (1956)
Ole Miss (2004, 2010, 2016)
Tennessee (1995)

I’m not too surprised by the list (especially Ole Miss). Minnesota stood out until I realized we hadn’t played them since Herbert Hoover was in office. So, which of these schools would I most like a rematch with?

5. Minnesota – Sorry, but I can’t stomach the fact that we’ve never beaten Minnesota. Schedule a home-and-home, face them in a bowl game, I don’t care. They’re not much of a program right now so we might as well win while the winnin’s good.

4. Oregon – I remember this bowl game. One the one hand, it forced Gundy to start making his teams tougher. I also think it’s part of the reason he changed his practice policies and made things lighter for the players. Plus, it’s Oregon. Who doesn’t want to schedule Oregon?
3. LSU – This has nothing to do with a rematch, and everything to do with the fact that every OSU fan has wanted to see this match-up ever since Gundy took over. Plus, it’s the 2011 National Championship we should have seen.
2. Michigan – It’s just an excuse see to Harbaugh and his khakis in person. Can you image the conversation between him and Gundy? It makes me tingle!
1. Ole Miss – Just beat them. Once. I’ve watched all three bowl losses. I’m tired of it. Just one win and we never have to play them again.

So what do you think? Who do you want a rematch with and why?