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CRFF The Podcast (Ep. 1) - We’re nervous, excited, and growing out our mullets.

Welcome to the first episode of the all-new CRFF The Podcast.

Are you sitting down? Because I have exciting news.

CRFF The Podcast has an all-new feel. Staff Writer Dustin Ragusa has joined me on the podcast as a full-time co-host, and his first episode was a blast. It will be great to get a diverse opinion on the show. Today's podcast is full of analysis, hot takes and mullet speak.

Don’t fret, though. CRFF The Show is still live on Periscope and Facebook every Monday at 9 P.M., this is just a new take on an old show.

Some news about the podcast...

  • We have a voicemail! Leave us your hot takes, your true analysis, or your drunken ramblings, and they might make the show! Save CRFF’s voicemail number to your phone now. The number is in the podcast.
  • The podcast is now on iTunes! You can download the podcast and take it wherever you go. Do us a favor and subscribe to the show, and leave us a rating and review. You can listen in iTunes here.