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Unsung Hero: Week 2

Yes, it was possible to find a positive from Saturday.

I have tried to rid my mind of the game on Saturday, but for the sake of this post I had to find at least one positive. And after a lot of careful thought and trying not the watch the replay 5’000 times on ESPN, I did still find an unsung hero through the smoke of the final :04 seconds.

The unsung hero from the game against Central Michigan was Justice Hill. The freshman running back was the leading rusher for the Pokes on Saturday. It was only 31 yards on 5 attempts, but he showed promise that he will be productive this season and for the future. I believe he also showed he should be the starting running back for OSU. The most productive running plays on offense happens with Hill in the game next to Rudolph. He had two consecutive runs of 5 yards and 17 yards, helping spark a drive, but the coaches didn’t stick with him even though it was working. And again, the running back carousel continued for the whole game (even though it did not work).

I hope the game against CMU proved Justice Hill deserves to be RB1 for the Pokes going forward. He is the most complete running back they have. He has the agility of a scat back but can break tackles. He picks up blocks in pass protection, and he can catch the ball out of the backfield. He is the running back of the future for the Cowboys, but as the first two games have showed, he is the running back of the present as well.