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NFL Week 1: Pro Pokes

How did the former Oklahoma State Cowboys fare in week 1 of the NFL season?

Los Angeles Rams v Denver Broncos Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Dan Bailey - Dallas Cowboys - K

Dan Bailey is NOT HUMAN. The Cowboys’ kicker showed off his leg on Sunday, going 4-4 with two field goals over 50 yards. Pretty good day, I’d say.

He should’ve had a chance at a 60+ yarder. In the remaining minutes of the game, Dak Prescott and the Cowboys were driving down the field to get Bailey in range for the game winner. Terrance Williams caught a ball with just under ten seconds left, only to fail get out of bounds and stop the clock. The clock hit zero before they could line up and spike the ball, leaving Bailey on the sidelines and Cowboy fans to fume.

Dallas (0-1) 19 New York Giants (1-0) 20

Dez Bryant - Dallas Cowboys - WR

Dez Bryant struggled in his opening week, only catching one ball for eight yards. However, his day was, in no way, uneventful. Dez was caught up in another #DezCaughtIt situation in the 2nd quarter, appearing to come down with a touchdown grab, only to have it overturned in the scoring replay.

I think it’s safe to say that Dez isn’t a huge fan of the replay system.

Dallas (0-1) 19 New York Giants (1-0) 20

Perrish Cox - Tennessee Titans - CB

Cox got the start at corner for the Titans in Week 1. Despite the Titan defense’s stellar efforts, Minnesota squeaked a win out. The Vikings rolled into Nashville without starting QB, Teddy Bridgewater, which allowed the Titans to focus their efforts on Adrian Peterson and the running game.

It turned out that the Vikings didn’t really need their offense, and went ahead and scored two defensive touchdowns. The Titans couldn’t recover. Cox ended his day with three solo tackles.

Tennessee (0-1) 16 Minnesota (1-0) 25

Emmanuel Ogbah - Cleveland Browns - OLB

Emmanuel Ogbah got the start at OLB (3-4 defense). Congrats Eman! However, the young Browns defense struggled against first-round draft pick QB, Carson Wentz, and the Eagles. Wentz was getting rid of the ball quickly all game, which wasn’t allowing the Brown’s defensive line to make much of an impact.

It’ll be important for Ogbah to get a lot of playing time with his new teammates, and it looks like his coaches agree...

Cleveland (0-1) 10 Philadelphia (1-0) 29

Russell Okung - Denver Broncos - OT

Russell started his season last Thursday, starting at left tackle for the defending Super Bowl Champions. The opposing Carolina Panthers were looking for redemption for the end of their previous season, but to no avail.

Brandon Thorn of did an outstanding job breaking down the Week 1 performance of Okung and the Broncos offensive line. Check it out here!

Denver (1-0) 21 Carolina (0-1) 20

Lane Taylor - Green Bay Packers - G

Lane Taylor was named the starting left guard for the Green Bay Packers last week, and the Packers offensive line did a heckuva job protecting Aaron Rodgers in the pocket, only allowing one sack.

Green Bay (1-0) 27 Jacksonville (0-1) 23


Justin Gilbert - Pittsburg Steelers - CB

Brandon Pettigrew - Detroit Lions - TE

Brandon Weeden - Houston Texans - QB


Proof that Oklahoma State > Baylor?

Just to get this joke out of the way, “ Oklahoma State better than Baylor? Psh! Oklahoma State isn’t even better than Central Michigan! OMG, Wow, I’m so funny!” There. I already said it, and you can’t use it.