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CRFF The Podcast (Ep. 3) - Our thoughts on the Central Michigan game

Dustin and I dive into the Central Michigan debacle.

Welcome back.

Dustin and I are back with another episode of CRFF The Podcast. This time, we share our thoughts on the ridiculous outcome of the Central Michigan game. From the lateral to the worst officiating gaffe since Colorado/Mizzou over 25 years ago, we discussed all of it.

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If you like to skip around in the show, here are where you can find some of the highlights:

1:30 - Dustin and I discuss our initial reaction to the play itself, and we talk about what Mike Gundy could have (and maybe should have) done differently.

13:10 - Where does the blame fall? Is it on the coaches or the officials?

19:00 - If this happened to Alabama, what would be done? Is it time for there to be a change in college football concerning blown calls?

27:00 - Did Oklahoma State play it too conservative?

35:00 - It’s time to pick a running back.