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OSU Uniform Review: Week 2

Well, at least the uniforms looked good.

Central Michigan v Oklahoma State Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

If the mostly traditional look from Week 1 was lacking in the intimidation factor, the equipment guys definitely made amends in Week 2. The black chrome/black/gray combo definitely scored high in that department. Black/black/gray was one of my favorite combos from the previous set of uniforms and they just got better in this version. The details in the new uniforms continue to shine and once again make the whole look cohesive.

NCAA Football: Central Michigan at Oklahoma State Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

The helmet is magnificent. The black chrome is the best chrome. It just is. It’s better than the orange chrome and yes, it’s better than the long anticipated icy white chrome. Chrome simply cannot look better than it does set against black. And in this combo, the chrome on the helmet really makes the gray accents on the jersey pop. Somehow the gray outline on the numbers was more noticeable and looked better yesterday than its looked in any of the sneak peeks I’ve seen, and I think it was the chrome on the helmet that really set it off. This is also the absolute best that the Phantom Pete helmet sticker can look. I would die if they broke these helmets out with a chrome OSU brand helmet sticker though.

I will again state my affection for the simplicity of the pants, though I don’t love the Cowboys down the side being white. It looked somewhat out of place in this particular combo because it’s basically the only white element on any piece of the uniform. It probably wouldn’t look great in black either, but at least it would tie in with the rest of the combo. Another small complaint I have is that the gray of the uniform doesn’t quite match the gray of the Nike undershirts, sleeves, and socks. It’s a small thing but a noticeable thing. What I did absolutely love was the chrome on the bottom of the cleats. Give me that all day.

Overall, I think this was a fantastic combo that definitely ranks well ahead of last week’s for me. In general, the 1-1-2 look is usually a solid way to go. With what we’ve seen out of OSU’s uniforms over the last several years, this is one of the best 1-1-2 combos in the arsenal (can’t touch white-white-black for me though). It was an early debut of the new black jerseys, which was somewhat surprising. It was also really early to break out such a strong look. I take that to mean we have even stronger looks in store for the remaining five home games. Two weeks until those amazing new white jerseys debut under the lights (by the end of the game, anyway) in Waco.