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Here Come Bullets: Recapping Central Michigan

Recaps, highlights and thoughts on Oklahoma State’s controversial “loss” to Central Michigan.

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NCAA Football: Texas-San Antonio at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports


I’m sure that’s what most of you are thinking when you read the title of this post.

Recapping the game, can’t we just get past this already and move on to Pitt? Yes, yes we can, but before we do I wanted to leave you with one last “Recap” post on the loss (win) to CMU last Saturday just to get everything out on the table.

See below for recaps, highlights and thoughts on the Cowboys’ week 2 matchup against the Central Michigan Chippewas:

Around the Media:

The Oklahoman’s Barry Tramel thinks that the Chippewas should give the win to the Cowboys: “I hope Bonamego knows what he ought to do. I hope he knows he ought to give the game back; ought to stand up and say as much as the Chippewas were thrilled by the victory, their honor means more. A Mid-American Conference release said, ‘despite the error, this will not change the outcome of the contest.’ A Big 12 release said the ‘result of the game is final and cannot be overturned.’ That's nonsense, of course. The result could be overturned. Just because college football is a feudal game without a central organizing body, doesn't mean you can't do the right thing.

Central Michigan time of possession: 35:27; Oklahoma State time of possession: 24:33… not good, not good at all – NewsOK

Gundy talks about the imprint that big losses have on him. - NewsOK

Here’s a recap of this week’s media luncheon where Gundy compared MAC officials to Double-A baseball umpires and compared the rule book to buying a house. If you missed it, be sure to check this out – NewsOK

Offensive Coordinator Mike Yurcich is taking the responsibility for the offensive woes on Saturday: “I wasn't patient enough calling run plays, I needed to help (Rudolph) out with more of a ground game. I failed to do that, so I think I shortchanged him. Probably asked him to do too much.”

The Cowboys are as much to blame as the officials for the fiasco that occurred last Saturday – Tulsa World

Here’s the game notebook from the Tulsa World’s Mark Cooper.

"They had a lot of guys that were playing inside run. I think I mentioned this before that when you're not a pro-style team, that is the hardest yard to get,". "We felt like we had to use that scheme that we had practiced. At times, when you practice something, you've got to use it. If not, don't practice it. That's really what it came down to... He is a true freshman, but he's a little different than most true freshmen. He's pretty savvy and has been around a lot." Gundy explaining the Dillon Stoner “wildcat” play call to Robert Allen of GoPokes.

This is a pretty cool story from The O’Colly: “When OSU basketball player Tyrek Coger died of an enlarged heart July 21, McCleskey tweeted that the last thing Coger said to him was ‘Score a touchdown for me’ and the first one would be for him.”

Photos from the game – OSU Athletics

CMU Head Coach Jon Bonamego on the lateral: "It starts with the completion and the awareness of the receiver downfield,” Bonamego said. “For Jesse to find Corey on the lateral was great awareness.” - ESPN

10 thoughts and the game notebook from Pistols Firing Blog.

Pistols Firing Blog’s reader emails on the game.

Dan Wolken of USA Today Sports on the Cowboys getting “Shafted in Stillwater”: “Of course, if there’s ever a program that knows the pain of technicalities and ridiculously small margins, it’s Oklahoma State. As injustices go, this doesn’t even compare to 2011 when Alabama was chosen ahead of the Cowboys to play LSU for the national title despite ranking second in pretty much every computer poll.”

FOX Sports gives their game recap.

From Central Michigan Life: “The officials' decision to award CMU an extra play has received criticism on social media.”… NO, IT HAS? I MUST’VE MISSED IT!

Mike Gundy media luncheon video:

Cowboys Ride for Free:

So, that “arm punt” has been in the Cowboy’s playbook for 12 years.

Joel Penfield’s unsung hero of the game is Justice Hill: “The freshman running back was the leading rusher for the Pokes on Saturday. It was only 31 yards on 5 attempts, but he showed promise that he will be productive this season and for the future. I believe he also showed he should be the starting running back for OSU. The most productive running plays on offense happens with Hill in the game next to Rudolph. He had two consecutive runs of 5 yards and 17 yards, helping spark a drive, but the coaches didn’t stick with him even though it was working.”

You and I aren’t the only ones not pleased with the ending of the game. OSU Athletic Director Mike Holder had this to say: “The final score shows that Oklahoma State lost the game but that doesn’t mean that I have to agree with it.”

“All eight field officials for Saturday's game between Central Michigan and Oklahoma State have been suspended by the Mid-American Conference, while two replay officials have been suspended by the Big 12.” Writes CRFF’s Brandon M. Cain

“How much does Mason Rudolph miss being able to throw balls up to Ateman, who almost always has a decided physical advantage over whatever poor defensive back is trying to cover him?” Christopher Snodgress on what we still don’t know about the Cowboys

Position Group Spotlight, this week CRFF’s Kyle Cox takes a look at the Cowboy running backs.

The Play of the Game… and no, it’s not THAT play.

If you haven’t already, check out the CRFF Podcast.

I don’t know how Cade Webb did it, but somehow he managed to post a game recap not long after all of the mayhem took place.