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PICKS FROM JOES 2016 WEEK 3...A trip down memory lane.

All the hangovers.Yep, I went there.

Let's wallow about in that open wound, shall we?

Thanks for joining me in my technological journey into the abyss. Google Hangouts, why did you leave me?

Due to King's general absence, and Mike's sobriety, you get only me. Oh the fortunate masses (as if more than maybe 5 people actually see this).

I spend way too much time discussing the absolute joke that was last weekend (and I'm not talking about Baylor), meander my way through the Big 12 slate for the weekend, talk about golf, and offer a less that hopeful outlook for the weekend.

I also think I managed to keep it clean enough to get past SB Nation's Board of Political Correctness. Wish me luck with that.