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GAMETHREAD: Pittsburgh (2-0) at Oklahoma State (1-1*)

Come hang out with us in the comments!

Saturday is here.

Oklahoma State welcomes a physical Pittsburgh Panthers squad into Boone Pickens Stadium for a pivotal matchup. This game will determine the course of this season and can either propel OSU into conference play with a big win, or send them limping into Waco. Kickoff is at 2:30 and the game will be televised on ESPN.

Austin Higgs wrote another excellent preview on today’s game, which you can read here.

The podcast this week was really good too. It’s 50 minutes of scouting Pittsburgh, and you can listen to that below.

You can also listen to the podcast on iTunes here.

You need to do two things before today’s game:

  1. Follow Cowboys Ride For Free on Snapchat. Our own Dustin Ragusa, co-host of the podcast, will be running the account live from Stillwater. It’s bound to be a lot of fun. The handle for the account is @cowboysrff
  2. Follow Cowboys Ride For Free on Instagram. We’ll be posting all sorts of game day #content throughout the afternoon.
Come hang out with us in the comments, and Go Pokes!