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Who is OSU’s second most hated rival?

We already hate OU, so who’s next?

Baylor v Texas Tech Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Oklahoma State fans have a reputation of being relatively amiable to the fans that visit Stillwater; so much so that SEC analyst Paul Finebaum (the same Paul FInebaum that vouched against us to be in the National Championship in 2011) tweeted this when he visited Stillwater for College Gameday in 2013:


Texas is truly just an annoying presence overall as an organization, simply because they can withstand probably the most dreadful period in the history of their football program while still getting top recruits and splashing around massive amounts of alumni money. If the resources at Texas were available to schools like OSU or Kansas State, the Big 12 would be far better off. Seriously, why does a program that hasn’t won double-digit games in a season since 2009 has its own ESPN TV network? There are obviously historical factors at play as Texas has also spoiled a few of OSU’s most promising seasons, while often pummeling us on the path to the Big 12 title when the program was at a low point. I haven’t even mentioned the stockpile of fans they have that simply just don’t know anything about football and purely root for them since they’re the biggest school in Texas. The Longhorns have become a black hole of resources and talent, and it makes them just nearly intolerable.

Texas Tech

Sometimes I think TTU must stand for Trash Talking University, because it seems like they enjoy that more than winning football games. Seriously, I have never heard one fan base talk so much trash for literally accomplishing nothing at all. Every year they win their first five games, and every year Red Raider fans go absolutely delirious with how good they think their team is. With their schedule, they’ll probably do it again this year. Then they’ll face teams with talent and end up between 6-8 wins just like every season. The last time Texas Tech beat OSU, Graham Harrell was slinging it to Michael Crabtree, and I was in the fifth grade playing wall ball at recess.

They seem to have this ridiculous notion that we stole every single one of their traditions away from them as if there was only ever famous gun slinging cowboys in Lubbock and nowhere else. First they were Texas’ ugly third school behind UT and A&M, but now they’re the ugly fourth school since they let TCU and Baylor fly right on by them. My advice: less yapping, more “wrecking”.


Oh, boy. Where do I even start? This program was basically the dirt beneath everyone’s cleats (kind of like Kansas now) before the arrival of RGIII and Art Briles. Baylor’s fan base was so pitifully weak that it wasn’t until the last game of RGIII’s Heisman campaign that they took the tarp off an entire end of open seating that they previously just couldn’t fill.

Now, they find a modicum of sustained success and they’re sure to rub it in your face every chance they get. This attitude has translated to the players, who have been disrespectful to opposing teams on several occasions. Those character issues have translated into a slew of off-the-field issues that led to a complete restructuring of the Baylor athletic department and the departure of Briles for good. This rivalry did not start budding until Baylor became a power in the Big 12, but something tells me the disdain towards the Bears is here to stay, and I know I’m not the only one.

These programs have distinguished themselves as easily the least likeable within the Big 12. In my opinion, Baylor is the most vile of them all, but obviously I don't represent the whole Cowboy nation. That leaves the question up to all of you: who do dislike the (2nd) most?