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Unsung Hero: Week 3

We’re going to the defensive side of the ball this week.

Pitt v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Through the blinding stats like Mason Rudolph’s 540 passing yards (!!!), James Washington’s 296 yards receiving (!!!!), and Rennie Child’s 103 rushing yards (A 100 YARD RUSHER FOR THE POKES), there was a guy that really stood out to me. He was on the defensive side of the ball and wreaked havoc in the Pitt backfield.

The unsung hero for week 3 was Cole Walterscheid. The starting defensive end for the Pokes had a career game on Saturday. He had four tackles, all for loss, including two sacks. Previously in his career he had three tackles, none for loss, and no sacks. I believe this game will propel Walterscheid into more production the rest of this season, and that he will continue to be a force on the line for the Cowboys. Pittsburgh is one of the most physical teams the Cowboys will face all season, and if Walterscheid could get into the backfield against them, he will continue to do so in Big 12 play.

Having a consistent pass rush will be a key in conference play, especially against teams that love to throw the ball. Baylor will want to throw the ball a lot and test the corners of Oklahoma State, and if OSU can get to Seth Russell consistently, it will force Baylor into shorter throws, making the job of the defense easier. The defensive line of the Cowboys will be a major X-factor on Saturday, and with Walterscheid providing the pass rush, I feel confident that the Cowboys will have a good chance to pull out a win in Waco.