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Freshman Friday: Calvin Bundage

NCAA Football: Southeastern Louisiana at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Furthering our Freshman Friday series, we take a look at a true freshman linebacker out of Edmond Santa Fe High School, Calvin Bundage. This young athlete has a real chance to become a defensive star for the Cowboys in the near future, and coaches, fans and players are excited to have him in America’s Brightest Orange.

Bundage’s journey isn’t exactly what you think a top rated prospect’s rise to power would look like... If you saw Calvin Bundage at the age of 15/16 and predicted that he would be the number one safety prospect coming out of Oklahoma, I’ll give you $100. During Bundage’s freshman and sophomore years at Douglass High School, he was around 250 lbs, and was forced to do his work in the trenches, rather than the open field. On top of that, his immediate interest was becoming the next CC Sabathia, as he took a break from football during his sophomore season to stick to baseball.

In between his sophomore and junior year, he decided to make a change (with the help of his older brother), and decided to drop the weight. The next football season, he was around 190 lbs, and the starting free safety for Edmond Santa Fe. He recorded 81 tackles and an interception that season, and college coaches took notice.

Calvin Bundage now finds himself playing for Glenn Spencer at the spur linebacker position. He looks to be backing up starter, Jordan Burton, and junior, Kirk Tucker, but his explosive ability and raw talent has raised the eyebrows of his coaches.

Bundage has already made an impact on the field, seeing time against Southeastern Louisiana in Week 1. He flew around the field and recorded three tackles on the day. Seeing him for the first time in orange was exciting. At 6’2 (6’3?) 192lbs, he has the potential to be a physical freak at the spur linebacker position in the coming years. Imagine Bundage after a full offseason with S&C Coach, Rob Glass...

Nathan Ruiz, of the O’Colly, wrote a great piece about Bundage’s inquisitive mind. In the article, Jordan Burton, the starter at Bundage’s postion, had this to say about his future replacement:

Calvin has a high ceiling. He’s figuring out a lot of stuff that most freshmen don’t figure out really fast. Every time we’re in meetings, he’s asking questions, from the simple to the complex. He’s always trying to learn and grow, and I think that’s what makes him special. He’s understanding things that I’m just now figuring out this year.”

Jordan Burton is one heck of a football player, so if he thinks Bundage is on the right track, we may be set at the spur linebacker spot for the next couple of years.

We at CRFF are big Calvin Bundage fans, and wish him luck moving forward! Go Pokes! Beat Baylor!