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POLL: 32 percent of Oklahoma State fans feel worse about the season after Baylor loss

These are some interesting numbers, with some commentary from OSU fans.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

We are just under two days removed from that heartbreaking loss against Baylor on Saturday night, and OSU fans, myself included, have finally started to digest what they saw.

Our own Kyle Cox wrote up a great piece on the performance of the offensive line on Saturday, which you can read here. In the article, Kyle writes, “While the protection couldn't be called great and there were a couple of key penalties, the running game was better. Was it pretty the whole game? No. But that was an offensive line showing that was good enough to win the game.”

This is an interesting point that I think a lot of us can get behind. I posed a question to our Twitter followers on Sunday, asking how they felt after the loss. Given the obvious improvement of the offensive line, I found the poll results to be quite surprising. Take a look.

At the time of publication, 38 percent of OSU fans voted that they felt better about the rest of the season after Saturday’s game. 30 percent voted that they felt no different.

I asked those who voted that they felt better after the game to give me a reason why. Here are the responses I received:

The thing that stood out most to me is the improvement of the running game, and I would imagine that is the sentiment of most voters who chose better.

Here’s where it gets nutty. 32 percent of Oklahoma State fans voted that they felt worse after Saturday’s game. I’m surprised by this, given the overall nature of the way the game unfolded. OSU had every opportunity to win the game, and made a few crucial mistakes that cost them the game.

I found this so interesting, in fact, that I asked those who voted “worse” to expound on their reasoning. Here are some of the responses:

Some really interesting thoughts from our readers on Twitter. Leave us yours in the comments section below!