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The MVP Draft: Week 4 Recap

It's hard to care about points after a game like that

Oklahoma State v Baylor Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Week 4 of our weekly college fantasy football competition is over. It’s hard to focus on calculating our points (especially the Baylor ones) after a disappointing game, but here we go.

Phillip - 4 points
OSU: O - Rennie Childs | D - Jordan Burton | ST - Zach Sinor
BU: O - Seth Russell | D - Davion Hall | ST - Drew Galitz

Cade - 3 points
OSU: O - Mason Rudolph | D - Ramon Richards | ST - Zach Sinor
BU: O - Seth Russell | D - Orion Stewart | ST - Chris Callahan

Dustin - 1 point
OSU: O – James Washington | D – Jordan Sterns | ST - Ben Grogan
BU: O – Seth Russell | D – Orion Stewart | ST – Chris Callahan

Christopher - 2 points
OSU: O - Mason Rudolph | D - Jordan Sterns | ST - Ben Grogan
BU: O - KD Cannon | D - Travon Blanchard | ST - Chris Callahan

Joel - 0 points
OSU: O - Jhajuan Seales | D - Chad Whitener | S - Ben Grogan
BU: O - KD Cannon | D - Aiavion Edwards | S - Chris Callahan

Oklahoma State

Offense: While he didn’t get a touchdown, Rudolph played a fantastic game, going 27/45 for 279 yards and one pick. Time and time he made the plays necessary to keep OSU in the game. Plus, that run on 3rd-and-23 to pick up the first down was tremendous! No one else chosen came even close to him.
Defense: Similarly, Burton was the easy pick here. He had the second most tackles on the team (9, 5 solo), one tackle for a loss, plus he picked off Russell. The interception seals this one.
Special Teams: It’s not that Sinor had a great night (he only kicked 2 punts), it’s that Grogan has one job to do, and he didn’t. Grogan was 1/2 kicking field goals, missing a 44-yarder in the second quarter. Grogan has not been great so far this year, and I have to wonder how long it will be before Ammendola gets more chances.


Offense: KD Cannon was injured in the game, and completely outshined by fellow receiver (and dog beater) Ish Zamora. Russell played a great game, going 18/28 for 387 yards and four touchdowns. That includes some bombs from 38, 39, and 89 yards.
Defense: This one was tough, as Edwards, Stewart, and Blanchard were the top three defenders of the game. It came down to Stewart and Blanchard, who both ended with 11 total tackles. Stewart had an interception and a pass breakup. Blanchard on the other hand had 4.5 TFL, a forced fumble (which he recovered), a pass breakup, and a quarterback hurry. He was everywhere making plays, thus he gets the point.
Special Teams: Callahan was suspended for a fight from the previous week, thus Galitz gets the point. He did have 3 punts for 131 yards.

So after 4 weeks, here are the standings:

Cade - 11 points
Phillip - 11 points
Christopher - 10 points
Joel - 9 points
Dustin - 8 points

Come back Thursday for Week 5’s picks.