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OSU Uniform Review: Week 4

The Pokes’ uniform game was strong for the first road game of the season.

Oklahoma State v Baylor Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

We finally got a look at the new white jerseys on the field and, guys, they might be my favorite individual piece of the new uniforms. For me, the white jerseys got BY FAR the biggest upgrade with this new set of uniforms. The haters are going to say “Where’s the orange?” Anytime the Cowboys wear anything that doesn’t feature the maximum amount of orange allowed by law, there are always some who protest. The “where’s the orange” guy is almost as common as the “who cares what they wear” guy at this point.

I get it. Not the “who cares what they wear” thing, don’t get me started on that. But I get where the clamoring for orange comes from. We are America’s Brightest Orange, after all. We bleed orange. We have Orange Fridays. We wear orange on game days. It was Orange Peel (RIP Orange Peel). I love orange as much as anyone except for those special few who like the all orange look. You know who you are. That being said, I also love the different looks. I love how much black OSU has introduced into the field design and the uniform design. I love the gray. That’s right, I said it. Bring me more gray. And I love these white jerseys despite the fact that there is very little orange.

Oklahoma State v Baylor Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

I mean, look at that thing. She’s a beauty. I meant the jersey. I think it’s about time we discussed the new font on the jerseys. Personally, I’m a fan. It’s a little edgier than the previous rendition, but I think it works. Some schools are going too far with this kind of thing, but I think the Cowboys did well not to go over the line. It’s a good look. I will admit, on the white jerseys, it’s almost an unfair comparison because the black numbers look SO MUCH better than the old orange numbers, I almost wouldn’t even care what typeface they were. Even Comic Sans. I don’t care. The black numbers are amazing.

Okay, on to the rest of the uniform. I’ve written about the white pants, which I also love. Specific to this all white look, I think the new white pants are a much better fit than the old version. I will continue to talk about how much I love the simplicity of the pants, and this is one reason why. The understated accents on the pants allow more flexibility with jersey and helmet pairing. The main accent on the pants is the Cowboys down the side, which is chrome. Again, that ties into this look so much better than the old black and orange stripes on the previous pants. The white pants look like they were made for this exact look.

Oklahoma State v Baylor Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The icy white helmet made its 2016 debut. These helmets aren’t bad, they just aren’t life-changing, which is exactly how I felt about them when they were first rolled out. I honestly think the biggest problem with the icy white helmet is how much we all built it up in our minds. It’s a victim of expectation and anticipation. And, for me, its a bit of a letdown. It’s a solid helmet. It’s a helmet worth wearing. It just doesn’t quite live up to the hype. The helmet does work better with these uniforms than it worked with the last set, mostly because the helmet and pants look tailor-made for one another. I still think OSU can do better in the helmet department with the all white look. I think a helmet design with a little more black would tie into the jersey better.

Overall, the all white uniform combo is clean and will always be a winner in my book. It was one of my favorite looks with the previous uniform set and it didn’t disappoint in its debut in the new set. The all white accessories make it even better. We are going to be seeing a lot of the white jerseys after October 8 and I’m pumped to see what looks the equipment guys come up with for those other four away games. My heart cannot take imagining the B/W/B look or the W/W/B with some of our alternate white helmets with the black stripe and black face mask. YEEEESSSSS. While I would always rather be watching the Cowboys from my seat in Boone Pickens Stadium, I must admit I am going to enjoy watching them roll in these babies.

The Cowboys are back home this week against the Longhorns, a game which has featured some pretty top level uniform combos over the last four years. I have no doubt there’s something spectacular lined up for Saturday. Check back next week to read the breakdown!