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Here Come Bullets: Recapping Baylor

Recaps, highlights and thoughts on Oklahoma State’s tough loss to the Baylor Bears.

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Oklahoma State Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

See below for recaps, highlights and thoughts on the Cowboys’ week 3 matchup against the Baylor Bears:

Around the Media:

Here’s Coach Mike Gundy on Justice Hill’s performance and whether he expects Hill to continue to get the ball even after the fumbles. “I think he made enough plays (against Baylor) for us to justify letting him carry the ball. If you’re asking me because he fumbled what are we gonna do, we’re gonna give him the ball and make him run again,” Gundy said. – Tulsa World

The longest was a 38-yard run by Hill. Quarterback Mason Rudolph averaged just 6.1 yards per pass versus the Bears just a week after averaging 11.7 yards per attempt in a 540-yard performance against Pittsburgh. The Tulsa World’s Kendrick Marshall on establishing the big plays.

The Oklahoma State long snapper, Tanner Morgan, had a fumble recovery on the first play of his college career – Tulsa World

Turnovers and missed opportunities.

Mark Cooper of the Tulsa World on the Cowboy secondary: Baylor quarterback Seth Russell shredded the Oklahoma State pass defense to the tune of 387 yards on 28 attempts. Lenzy Pipkins, Ashton Lampkin and Ramon Richards each got beat by the Baylor receivers downfield.

Mike Gundy on the decision to go for it on fourth down early in the fourth: "I didn't feel like a field goal would win the game. I thought we had to score touchdowns." – Tulsa World

Gundy made 9 references to the turnovers in his postgame discussion with the media.

The pass defense is becoming is a huge issue going forward into Big 12 play. Oklahoma State ranks second-to-last in pass plays of 30-plus yards allowed. The defense has allowed 12. Only Rice has given up more. Tulsa World

Coach Gundy on the loss: “I can pat you on the butt and tell you, ‘Good job and you played good against a team that’s ranked and so-and-so. That’s not the way I feel. I feel like we should have done a better job of coaching and we have to do a better job of playing so we can win these games, period.” – O’Colly

Justice Hill's left hand hit the ground a couple of yards short of the end zone. As he stretched his right arm and the football to the goal line, the latter was missing… Man, that sucked – O’Colly

Mason Rudolph on his scrambling against the Bears: “That’s just kind of how it went. They were dropping eight on a lot of occasions. I just decided to pack the rock and see what I could get. It’s enjoyable. You gotta keep (the defense) honest.”

Photos from the game

I didn’t feel great about the big plays that the Cowboys gave up to Baylor, and neither did Glenn Spencer: “Doesn’t feel good at all. Very frustrated. Gotta prepare ‘em better. I’ve been very disappointed in how we’ve played.” – NewsOK

Ramond Ricards on the Baylor wide receivers: “Everything they did, we saw on film. They didn't bring anything out of their sleeves. Everything they did today, we saw on film. They just executed.”... I wish they would’ve paid more attention to the double moves on the film.

“Four hours of just gut-wrenching hell”. That’s a quote from Glenn Spencer when asked about the big plays and the passing yards given up to Baylor – NewsOK

Mason Rudolph on Justin Hill: “Gosh, the runs that Justice made tonight were incredible.”

NewsOK’s Kyle Fredrickson on limiting big plays.

ESPN’s game recap

10 thoughts, the game notebook and superlatives from Pistols Firing Blog.

Game recap from Our Daily Bears

Plays of the game:

Gundy’s weekly press conference:

Cowboys Ride for Free:

Justice Hill Big 12 Newcomer of the Week

Position Group Spotlight, this week Kyle Cox takes a look at the Cowboy offensive line.

Joel Penfield’s unsung hero of the game is Jalen McCleskey: He was the second-leading receiver, with 5 receptions for 77 yards. He had a few key receptions on third down on the scoring drive to start the second half. He proved to be a threat in the slot, and a reliable target for Rudolph throughout the game.

I mean, look at that thing. She’s a beauty. I meant the jersey. I think it’s about time we discussed the new font on the jerseys. Personally, I’m a fan. It’s a little edgier than the previous rendition, but I think it works. Some schools are going too far with this kind of thing, but I think the Cowboys did well not to go over the line. It’s a good look. I will admit, on the white jerseys, it’s almost an unfair comparison because the black numbers look SO MUCH better than the old orange numbers, I almost wouldn’t even care what typeface they were. Even Comic Sans. I don’t care. The black numbers are amazing. UNIFORM REVIEW!!

How do Oklahoma State fans feel after the Baylor loss?

What we still don’t knowWill this Cowboy team get out of its own way? For all of the deficiencies - the run game that looked nonexistent coming in, the pass defense, Mason Rudolph’s uneven play so far this season, the fact remains that the Cowboys were legitimately two plays from winning on the road against a ranked team. The fact remains that the Cowboys have shown they can win in different ways, whether its by throwing bombs all day against Pitt or grinding it out and totally controlling the game against Baylor. The maddening thing about it is that they’ve also shown they can lose in just as many ways.

The Play of the Game

Check up on the CRFF MVP Draft… SPOILER ALERT… I’m in last.

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