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Remember the Alma Mater

Time to get serious for a second, and remember what it means to be an OSU fan.

Southeast Louisiana v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

“Ever you’ll find us loyal and true.” A simple line in our alma mater, but one that embodies the Cowboy Spirit at OSU. Some people even shout “SO TRUE” at the end of that line. Growing up in a family of OSU graduates, I learned about that spirit from early childhood, and watch my parents display that loyalty season after season. Their passion for our school inspired me to attend OSU.

Something changed last week, however, that caught me off guard. I saw the first evidence of an erosion in the very pride and spirit that brought me to OSU.

Losing to Baylor was a tough pill to swallow, but the reactions of some so-called “fans” on social media after the game absolutely shocked me, and made me angrier than the actual game did. As a passionate fan myself, I understand being an upset after such a loss. However, I read tweets bashing the team and coaches, giving up on the season, and even stating that some would wear UT colors this week to the game. This kind of behavior is what I’d expect from any school but OSU. For the first time in my life, I felt ashamed to be an OSU fan.

If anything, we need to support our team now more than ever! I certainly did not expect, nor did many other loyal fans, for OSU to be 2-2 at this juncture of the season. Win or lose, this team needs and deserves our support. Now is not the time to give up on the season, it’s just getting started. Now is not the time to not show up for games, just because it isn’t a night game. Now is not the time to leave the game early for no reason other than to tailgate. When Boone Pickens Stadium is rocking at almost 60,000 strong, it can be an intimidating place to play.

Being loyal and true isn’t just a line in a song; it means so much more. At OSU, it means that we are loyal and true to our teams regardless of the scoreboard result. We support our teams through good seasons and bad. It means we will wear America’s Brightest Orange with pride every day. Choosing otherwise will make us as bad as OU fans, who only show pride if there is a W” in the score column. Is that really how we want to act?

This Saturday, a new opponent comes to Stillwater for game day, and with it a fresh opportunity to demonstrate the proud traditions at OSU. Now more than ever, we need to support our football team. I will be there when the kick-off begins at 11:00 on Saturday, as should everyone who is able to go. We must get Boone Pickens Stadium rocking again, for all FOUR QUARTERS, and not just until halftime. Let’s prove that those few fickle fans, with their shameless tweets, do not represent an erosion of our proud culture. Let’s show we are a loyal and true fan base that will always support our teams. Pride in our University means something…always has…and always will. Ever you’ll find us Loyal and True.