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Preview: Oklahoma State vs. Texas

The 2-2 Cowboys look to bounce back against Texas

Pitt v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

When: Saturday, October 1st, 11:00am CST.

Where: Boone Pickens Stadium (Stillwater, OK)

Watch: ABC

Listen: Cowboy Radio Network

Oklahoma State University vs. #22 University of Texas

A loss to Baylor last week has left the Cowboys reeling, the fans frustrated and the media antsy. However, they don’t have time to sulk around and pick up the pieces, as the Texas Longhorns are coming to town. Texas has some frustrations of their own. In week 3, Texas fell at the hands of Cal. They had a week 4 bye, which means an extra week to prepare for the Cowboys, as well as an extra week to let the Cal loss sink in. Texas could show up tomorrow just as angry as the Cowboys. This game will be an entertaining one.

Things to watch for — OSU

Oklahoma State v Baylor Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images
  • The Cowboy defense needs to get some line penetration from it’s front four. The running backs for Texas are gigantic (Foreman - 249lbs / Warren - 252lbs), and if they are given a few yards and a full head of steam, they are first own machines. It’s important for Vincent Taylor and crew to get to the Texas running backs in the backfield, to nullify their forward momentum. Same goes with the 18-wheeler. **shudders**
  • Offensively, the Cowboys need to focus on sustaining good drives to help out their defense. The defense is in for a fight against Shane Buechele and the Smash Brothers, so the worst thing that the offense can do is string together three-and-outs. The defense will need time on the sidelines to rest and make adjustments.
  • Tomorrow will be a test for Mason Rudolph. This is a Texas secondary that was scorched by Cal’s QB, Davis Webb, and the Oklahoma State offense will be looking at Rudolph to lead the offense to same type of success. I thought Rudolph had a outstanding game against Baylor, making the throws that Baylor was giving him. Davis Webb had success going deep in their win, so expect to see a few long balls from Rudolph in this one. #Rudolph2Washington should be busy tomorrow.
  • Don’t get lulled to sleep by Buechele. The Oklahoma State secondary needs to be on their toes while Buechele is at QB. The OC likes to get Buechele comfortable with some easy throws, slants, stops, comebacks, etc, and then takes shots down the field. During the Cal game, there were a ton of drives like: Run - Run - short pass - run- short pass - deep ball. The secondary cannot get lulled to sleep by all the runs and short passes. Buechele likes to take shots down the field, and for a true freshman, he is pretty good at it.

Things to watch for — Texas

UTEP v Texas Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images
  • Get Buechele comfortable. Cal did a good job against the freshman phenom, Shane Buechele. Their defense was in his face all game long, even sending him to the locker room briefly in the first half. If Texas wants to be at full strength, they need a confident Buechele. The deep threat packaged with the Smash Brothers is what makes this Texas offense so deadly.
  • Keep pace. The Texas offense likes to go at a quick pace, keeping defenses on their heels. When they are running the ball succesfully and getting to the line of scrimmage quickly, they are tough to stop. After long runs, look for Texas to get to the ball quickly and hand the ball off again.
  • Run, run and run some more. (never Oxford Comma) Texas has two very good running backs in Chris Warren III and D’Onta Foreman. The Texas offense relies upon their success, so they will look to get that tandem going. The Oklahoma State defense will be tested tomorrow.

Oklahoma State will win if...

they win the turnover battle. It is clear that turnovers are the biggest problem for Oklahoma State right now, being -3 in turnover margin the past two games. Texas will punish you if you give the ball up with good field position.

Texas will win if...

Shane Buechele gets in a groove. It’s assumed that Texas is going to have decent success running the football no matter the opponent. If Buechele gets comfortable, and the Texas offense is clicking on all cylinders, Oklahoma State will have to out duel them (without a strong running game of their own).

Stats & Predictions

Total offense ranks (FBS) - OSU 27th / UT 79th

Total passing ranks (FBS) - OSU 11th / UT 90th

Total rushing ranks (FBS) - OSU 103rd / UT 54th

I’m predicting that Mason Rudolph and James Washington will both have monster games. Rudolph throwing for 350+ and Washinton with 150+ receiving yards. I think the smash brothers are going to find success against the Cowboys defense, rushing for 200+ combined yards together. I also think the 18-wheeler package will have atleast two touchdowns for Texas.

I have not given up on the Cowboys quite yet. Our defensive strength is up against the Longhorn’s offensive strength, but our offensive strength is up against their defensive weakness. The Oklahoma State offense cleans up the turnovers, and Mason Rudolph outduels Shane Buechele in a close one...

OSU 42 UT 36