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Play of the Game: Southeastern Louisiana

Devante Averette and Ramon Richards combine for Saturday’s play of the game.

NCAA Football: Southeastern Louisiana at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Man, I’m glad Cowboy football is back! There were a lot of amazing plays from Saturday’s game against Southeastern Louisiana, but we narrowed it down to one Play of the Game.

This will be a weekly post recapping the best play of the game. The play could be an offensive or defensive play, it could be the craziest play of the game, or the most impactful play of the game. Since there weren’t really any game changing plays in Saturday’s blowout win over Southeasten; I’m going to go with Devante Averette’s amazing forced fumble, recovery and then “assist” to Ramon Richards for the touchdown.

Here’s another angle of the toss to Richards:

The toss into Richards reminded me of this play from Broderick Brown in 2010:

It wasn’t just me who thought this was the play of the game, ESPN had it on their top 10 plays over the weekend. Averette had a great game overall, but this play was just ridiculous. The amazing strip on the tackle, the hustle to recover the loose football and then the athletic ability and field awareness to toss it into Richards without stepping out of bounds. Now, it might have been a little reckless to throw it back in, especially since Southeastern could have easily caught the toss, but they didn’t, so let’s just stick with AWESOME as the description of this play.

Also, the play below won honorable mention for this week:

Check back for next week’s Play of the Game against Central Michigan.