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OSU falls one spot to #22 in AP Poll

Oklahoma State moves back to #22

NCAA Football: Southeastern Louisiana at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports
  1. Alabama (1-0) - Previously #1 - Week 1 win over USC 52-6
  2. Clemson (1-0) - Previously #2 - Week 1 win over Auburn 19-13
  3. Florida State (1-0) - Previously #4 - Week 1 win over Ole Miss 45-34
  4. Ohio State (1-0) - Previously #6 - Week 1 win over Bowling Green 77-10
  5. Michigan (1-0) - Previously #7 - Week 1 win over Hawaii 63-3
  6. Houston (1-0) - Previously #15 - Week 1 win over Oklahoma :) 33-23
  7. Stanford (1-0) - Previously #8 - Week 1 win over Kansas State 26-13
  8. Washington (1-0) - Previously #14 - Week 1 win over Rutgers 48-13
  9. Georgia (1-0) - Previously #8 - Week 1 win over North Carolina 33-24
  10. Wisconsin (1-0) - Previously Unranked - Week 1 win over LSU 16-14
  11. Texas (1-0) - Previously Unranked - Week 1 win over Notre Dame 50-47
  12. Michigan State (1-0) - Previously #12 - Week 1 win over Furman 28-13
  13. Louisville (1-0) - Previously #19 - Week 1 win over Charlotte 70-14
  14. Oklahoma (0-1) - Previously #3 - Week 1 loss to Houston 23-33
  15. Texas Christian (1-0) - Previously #13 - Week 1 win over South Dakota State 59-41
  16. Iowa (1-0) - Previously #17 - Week 1 win over Miami (Ohio) 45-21
  17. Tennessee (1-0) - Previously #9 - Week 1 win over Appalachian State 20-13
  18. Notre Dame (0-1) - Previously #10 - Week 1 loss to Texas 47-50
  19. Ole Miss (0-1) - Previously #11 - Week 1 loss to Florida State 34-45
  20. Texas A&M (1-0) - Previously Unranked - Week 1 win over UCLA 31-24
  21. LSU (0-1) - Previously #5 - Week 1 loss to Wisconsin 14-16
  22. Oklahoma State (1-0) - Previously #21 - Week 1 win over Southeastern Louisiana 61-7
  23. Baylor (1-0) - Previously #23 - Week 1 win over Northwestern State 55-7
  24. Oregon (1-0) - Previously #24 - Week 1 win over UC Davis 53-28
  25. Miami (1-0) - Previously Unranked - Week 1 win over Florida A&M 70-3

Oklahoma State moved back a spot after they put a whoopin’ on Southeastern Louisiana, but it is way too early to complain about where the Associated Press sees us. The AP learned just as much about the Pokes as we did. Not much. Hopefully we don’t have to look back in 10+ weeks and think, “I wish we didn’t schedule that FCS opponent.”

Oklahoma State looks to improve their ranking by beating an actual FBS opponent on Saturday. Let’s hope the AP Poll gives the Pokes a little more love after week 2.

Take note that four teams with a loss are ranked ahead of us. Hmm.

Notable Risers

  • Houston’s win over Oklahoma made everyone in Boone Pickens Stadium hoot and holler, but there are many things to worry about here. OU’s loss doesn’t help the Big 12’s perception much. Could a weakened conference hurt the Cowboy’s playoff chances? Also, Houston’s win gives them a fairly smooth ride to a perfect season. Will the playoff committee be able to deny the playoffs to an undefeated Houston? This year? Probably not.
  • Wisconsin has crushed the hopes and dreams of the LSU Tigers and their fans. Many “experts” were picking LSU ahead of Alabama in the SEC this season, so this was definitely an impressive win. The worries with Houston are not exactly the same with Wisconsin. The Badgers still have the Big 10 gauntlet to go through, seeing Michigan State, Michigan and Ohio State in three straight games. However, Wisconsin has shown that they have the ability to beat anybody. I know my boy, @BarstoolBigCat is pumped! Watch out Big 10!
NCAA Football: Notre Dame at Texas Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports
  • Texas is baaaaack! The Horns beat the Fighting Irish on Sunday night, and showed the AP, college football fans, and dumb bloggers like me that they are going to be a force this season. The decline of Texas over the past few years have been frustrating for Longhorn fans, but it sure looks like, with the play of true freshman Shane Buechele, the Longhorns finally have a plan to rise back to the top of the Big 12. Still, winning in the Big 12 is no easy task, and we know Texas’ ability to show up one game, and disappear the next. The hype train is filling up, but it hasn’t quite left the station yet.

Notable Fallers

  • Oklahoma. Not sure what to say here... As an Oklahoma State fan, I want to laugh, point and say mean things to the Sooners, but the fact is, Houston is one hell of a football team. Also, it is week 1, and the Sooners made it to the College Football Playoffs last season with a loss. It’s not over for Oklahoma.
  • Tennessee found themselves falling eight spots despite a win. However, when that win was a 20-13 squeaker against Appalachian State, it is a cause for concern. Appalachian State looked fired up, and Tennessee looked like they were looking ahead to future opponents. You can’t do that against App State. Just ask Michigan.
NCAA Football: Mississippi at Florida State Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • This may not be fair, but Ole Miss dropped eight spots after losing to (then) #4 Florida State. Actually, Ole Miss probably should have won this game. A comeback win by FSU was enough to drop the Rebels a few spots, but they’ll have plenty of time to make up for it.

What do you think? Is everyone ranked how they should be? Should the Cowboy’s have moved down despite a dominating win? Are the Sooners doomed? Is the SEC in trouble? Should I start Allen Hurns or Doug Baldwin in the flex?