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CRFF All-Time Cowboy Tournament: Barry Sanders vs. Eddie Sutton

The Finals!

Well folks, we made it! We’ve been through some outstanding match ups over the last month-plus, and we are really excited about this last one. #1 seed, Barry Sanders, and #10 seed, Eddie Sutton, are all that is left of the participants in the most prestigious and respected OSU Tourney of all time! .... Jokes! We’ve had fun, and we hope you all have had some fun as well. Let’s see how our contestants got here:

As the number one seed in the tournament, Barry Sanders received a first week bye along with fellow OSU legend, Bob Kurland. Sanders got to join in the action in the second round, where he started it off with a outstanding battle against T. Boone Pickens. Barry and T. Boone couldn’t exactly make up their minds on a winner...

however, 73% of the voters decided to advance Sanders in the tournament. Sanders then rolled on to two easy victories against Brandon Weeden in the 3rd round, and Ed Gallagher in the semi-finals. There’s only one defender left to bring Sanders down in the open field, and that defender comes in the form of the all-time great OK State head basketball coach, Eddie Sutton.

Oklahoma State University Cowboys v Syracuse University Orangemen Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Eddie Sutton, while undervalued as the #10 seed, dominated his side of the bracket. He started off the tournament by defeating Zac Robinson, and then went on to beat his next two opponents by collecting a combined percentage of 89% of the votes available.

The real match up that everyone was looking forward to was Mike Gundy vs. Eddie Sutton. After much debate, Sutton squeaked out 56% of the voters, and limped by Coach Gundy. Only one man stands in the way of Sutton getting to cut down those CRFF Tourney nets.


Alright folks, this is your last chance to make your vote count! Who are you going with in this final battle? I know who I’m voting for. Do you?

Thanks for participating, everybody. Take a look back at our full bracket to see all the voting outcomes! Go Pokes!