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Cowboy Football Uniform Roundup

So, what did we here at CRFF think of all the uniforms in their rookie season?

Well, with another season in the books, I guess there’s only one thing left to do before we put the Alamo Bowl winning season to bed: rate the uniforms.

At the beginning of the season, there was a lot of questions regarding the uniforms, along with a lot of positive reactions to the unveiling of them, but how did they stand up over the season? Were they everything we thought they were going to be? What stood out? What needed improvement? We even answered which opponents’ uniforms we liked the best. Ready? Let’s start the 2016 Cowboy Uniform Roundup!

(Quick note. I abbreviated the colors when put in the Color/Color/Color format, and the order they are in is helmet/jersey/pants. For example, the Alamo Bowl jerseys were black helmet, white jersey, orange pants - or B/W/O. Get it? Good.)

1) What was your favorite OKLAHOMA STATE combo this year? Why?

Brodie Smith: I'm a bit of a traditionalist. Go with what works, and I think the W/O/W combos against Southeastern Louisiana and Pitt are tops for me. It's clean and understated but gives a great pop with the orange jerseys. It has that WOW factor.

NCAA Football: Pittsburgh at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Cade Webb: This is a virtually unanswerable question for me. There really wasn't a single combination this season that I didn't like. So, mega props to the equipment staff for that. If I HAD to pick one, however, I think I would have to pick the combination they wore against Kansas State: O/W/B. I don't get the hate for the orange chrome helmet, and it is certainly better than the paisley helmet. That combo was my favorite with the old threads, and with the updated threads, it just made it ten times better.

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Kansas State Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Phillip Slavin: Homecoming. B/O/W with the old-school logo throwback helmet. It was clean. simple. beautiful. I just wish we would see that helmet more often.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Wiederhoeft: It sounds odd, but I think the best uniform of the season actually came during the non-conference against CMU. The B/B/G combo looked really good to me, but I wish they would have unveiled the marshal’s badge here instead of against Texas, since Shadow Pete on a black helmet is kind of tough to see. I love the chrome facemask and helmet stripe when paired with the gray pants. It looked a bit out of place when we wore them with the black-out uniforms when Texas came to town.

Central Michigan v Oklahoma State Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

2) What was your least favorite OKLAHOMA STATE combo this year? Why?

Brodie: Two uniforms used gray pants and neither of them worked. At all. But that's too easy of an answer. I know black is supposed to be intimidating and is one of the primary colors from the OSU palette, but the all black versus Texas Tech was a bit much, especially considering the Red Raiders have black as a major part of its uniforms. The new paisley helmet looked pretty sweet and would reappear in the Alamo Bowl, but the barbed wire stripe came off as a bit much to me because it's an element not incorporated anywhere else in the uniforms (nor should it be). Drop the gray. Lose the barbed wire. Then, anything the Cowboys ride in will probably be fine for me.

Texas Tech v Oklahoma State Photo by J Pat Carter/Getty Images

Cade: I think this was the case for most people, but I'm just bored with OSU wearing W/O/W in any capacity. They wore this against Southeastern Louisiana, and then again versus Pitt. It just doesn't do much for me anymore.

Southeast Louisiana v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Phillip: Anything with Giant Chrome Orange Pete (GCOP) helmet. I am burned out on it. Specifically? Iowa State's O/B/O with the GCOP. I like O/B/O, but not with that helmet. It's sad. I used to really like GCOP. Not anymore.

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 08 Iowa State at Oklahoma State Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Tyler: I know Cade is going to disagree with me, but I have to say the monstrosity we wore against Kansas. O/W/G with GCOP? Really? I know it is just Kansas, but c’mon guys. It’s the white and gray combo that just rubs me the wrong way. I didn’t like them last year when we wore them against West Virginia in Morgantown, and I didn’t like them this year. I’m not totally against the three color combo, just this three color combo.

NCAA FOOTBALL: OCT 22 Oklahoma State at Kansas Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

3) What was your favorite OPPONENT combo this year? Why?

Brodie: Kansas showed a better-than-anticipated look, which hasn't been something Adidas has been able to pull off consistently. However, Kansas State's simple threads consistently look solid on its home field in Manhattan and wasn't matched by any other team this year. West Virginia's navy, gold and white could offer tough competition if it could actually utilize readable numbers.

Oklahoma State v Kansas State Photo by Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

Cade: Without a doubt, Texas Tech's all white uniforms. I'm incredibly fond of all white football uniforms, and Texas Tech executes the look perfectly. Their uniforms are pretty awesome when they don't try to do too much, and they don't do that with their all-white look.

NCAA FOOTBALL: NOV 12 Texas Tech at Oklahoma State Photo by William Purnell/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Phillip: Normally I really like Kansas State’s uniforms, but I wasn't a fan of the helmets this year. I liked Pitt's look, it was clean. However, West Virginia matching tri-color with us at Homecoming was fantastic. I think WVU might have one of the best uniform combinations in the Big 12. That throwback helmet of theirs - the yellow one with the state on it - is fantastic.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler: I also really really liked the ones Kansas State wore against us. I’ve always been a fan of purple, and Kansas State knows how to rock it week in and week out. I know I just got done saying white and gray don’t work together, but Kansas State makes it work by splitting up the white and gray by putting the main focus on the royal purple jersey. The white camo helmet was a nice touch as well. Not overly in-your-face camo, but a subtle camo, if that makes sense.

K-State Collegian

4) Which OKLAHOMA STATE combo that wasn't worn do you wish you would have seen this season? Why?

Brodie: In 2014, the Pokes unveiled white helmets featuring a bucking bronco when West Virginia rolled into town. Last season, they switched the canvas to black. White looked best and would do well at home with the orange jerseys and white bottoms. When away from Stillwater, I just wish they'd include more orange than black. If OSU is proud to sport "America's Brightest Orange", why doesn't it do so more on the road?

Sarah Phipps/The Oklahoman

Cade: Where was the B/O/B combo this year?! That's been a staple for OSU since they went to alternating uniforms back in 2011. They typically saved that for their biggest home game, and we didn't see that for a single game this season. I was pretty bummed about that, because that was one of my favorites for a long time.


Phillip: The black marshal badge helmet (which was only worn once against Texas. WHY?!?), black jersey, orange pants. I want it for a night game. Granted, we would have to actually get a night game for that to happen, but still.

Kansas State v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Tyler: I love when we wear orange pants, and we only did that twice this season. I want to see that more. I have to agree with Phillip here. Pair the orange pants with a black marshal badge helmet and a black jersey, and you will have me drooling at how good the uniform looks.

Texas v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

So what did you think of all the uniform combinations from this year? What do you wish you saw? While they may not have all been perfect, Oklahoma State still has some of the best uniforms in the country, and they look good when they take the field. One of my favorite things on gameday is finding out what the Cowboys are wearing. I already cannot wait to see what the equipment managers are going to roll out next season!