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Gundy and Glass Talk Character Development at Oklahoma State

The Cowboy coaches wrap up their interview with “What Drives Winning”

NCAA Football: Southeastern Louisiana at Oklahoma State Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Oklahoma State Head Coach Mike Gundy and Strength and Conditioning Coach Rob Glass recently took part in the “What Drives Winning” interview series, talking about their success at OSU.

The conference series is a collection of one-on-one interviews and conversations with the author of the book “What Drives Winning,” Brett Ledbetter (the conference was started by Ledbetter and Florida Soccer Coach Becky Burleigh).

We brought you part one last week. WDW released part two of the interview on Sunday.

In it, Gundy and Glass delve into the importance of character development and how Oklahoma State handles it. Glass talks about why he studied the military and how he took what he learned to help players transition to life after football both after college and after the NFL.

The conversation also gets into domestic violence and football and Mike Gundy’s “zero tolerance” policy towards the issue.

“It’s important in us to try and instill in them the values we think is going to benefit them, they’re family, they’re children 20 years from now.”

If you have 6 12 minutes of free time today, you should really watch this.

You can also find a two-part one-on-one interview with Mike Gundy at the What Drives Winning website along with interviews with other prominent coaches in Oklahoma.