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Memory Lane Monday: Texas vs. Oklahoma State 2007

Let’s relive the thrilling triple overtime victory over Texas and some guy named Kevin Durant.

Oklahoman Archive

Ten years ago today, one of the best games in Oklahoma State basketball history happened, as the Cowboys and the Kevin Durant-led Texas Longhorns did battle in Gallagher-Iba Arena. The Cowboys ultimately came away with the win in triple overtime, 105-103.

Durant (to no one’s surprise) led the Longhorns with 37 points and 12 rebounds. All five Texas starters were in double digits, they grabbed 49 rebounds, and shot 40.2% from the field.

Mario Boggan led the Cowboys in the best game of his collegiate career, pouring in 37 points and grabbing 20 rebounds. Jameson Curry also put up 28 points and hauled in 9 rebounds.

For old time’s sake, let’s look at the full box score and team stats.

Oklahoma State Final Box Score
Texas Final Box Score
Final Team Stats

Look how close the team stats are! What a game...

Larry Reece remembers the game fondly.

Back in 2014, The Oklahoman’s Berry Tramel listed the 10 best things that had ever been seen at Gallagher-Iba. This game made the list. Number 2 sounds freaking insane.

I highly suggest you take 3 minutes and 17 seconds out of your day to relive one of the greatest games of this millennium.

Or, if you are stuck in an airport or sitting at home and bored out of your mind or something, you can just watch the entire game. All 2 hours and 16 minutes of it.

I wish I could have been here for this game. It would have been absolutely insane. Kevin Durant will always be winless at GIA, thanks to Bogan and Curry.