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Oklahoma State Recruiting: 2017 Running Back commit Chuba Hubbard Q&A

Chuba talks the OSU backfield, home, and his favorite NFL player (It’s a Sooner!)

Stalbert Gazette

As College Football’s National Signing Day looms on Feb. 1, we spoke with a Cowboy recruit who plans to sign with the Pokes next Wednesday.

Chuba Hubbard, a four-star running back from Alberta, Canada, made his first official visit to any school when he flew to Stillwater on the weekend of January 21st. He was kind enough to speak with us today. Thanks again to Chuba for giving us a few minutes for the interview.

Let’s get to it.

Phillip Slavin: You made an official visit to Stillwater back on January 21st. What was the trip like?

Chuba Hubbard: “It was amazing honestly. Really surreal. I finally got to know what it’s going to be like and know what my home for the next four years is going to be like.”

PS: Are you planning any other visits?

CH: “No. I’m locked in.”

PS: Which Oklahoma State Coaches have been recruiting you?

CH: “Coach Arroyo was the first coach, but I’ve basically talked to everyone. I’ve loved talking to Gundy and the whole staff.”

PS: There are some big name programs like Oklahoma, Georgia, and Tennessee that have made scholarship offers. What made you pick OSU over others?

CH: “It was honestly the coaches ... the coaching staff. The atmosphere I got from it when I met with (Coach) Arroyo the first time. I could tell he really wanted me and really cared about me. When I came to Oklahoma, all the coaches were great, and Gundy showed that he really cared, that the school was more about family and getting an education than just about football and being a football factory like some other schools.”

PS: You’re from Canada, where the football rules are slightly different than in America. What are some of the differences? How do you anticipate handling those changes?

CH: “Canadian football has 12 men on the field. The field goals (goal posts) are at the front of the end zone instead of the back and the end zones are 20 yards deeper. Those are really the big things. Also you can have two wide receivers forward motioning to the line. For running backs it’s not much different. I played in the International Bowl in Texas two years ago and it was American Rules. I had no problem with it.”

PS: Stillwater is 1,437 miles from Sherwood Park, Alberta, your home town. That’s a long way from home. How are you feeling about going to school so far away?

CH: “You know sometimes I’m gonna miss home. But I’m ready to move on to a new chapter in my life, start fresh, and hopefully go on to bigger and better things. Sherwood Park will always be my home, but Stillwater will be my new home. My parents are proud of me. My mom is always emotional, saying ‘I’m coming to live with you.’ They’re really just proud of me, to see what I’ll do, proud of me getting my college paid for and that I get to play football at such a great institution.”

PS: What will you miss most about home?

CH: “I’m not gonna miss the cold. That’s for sure. I’ll probably miss family the most. It’s always going to be hard leaving your family and friends but sometimes you gotta sacrifice for the greater good to go live out your dreams.”

PS: Oklahoma State lost three running backs to graduation in 2016. There will be a lot of fresh faces this year aside from Justice Hill. How does the open backfield situation make you feel?

CH: “I’m just really going to try to make the biggest impact I can. I’m going to see where I can make the biggest impact to help the team win a Big 12 championship and a maybe a National Championship. I know me and JD King and Justice Hill are going to do great things. I met both of those guys [during his official visit] and they’re awesome. No matter who’s starting, were going to do great things as a group.”

PS: Speaking of Hill, he was just a true freshman last season, yet he took the starting role and broke the Oklahoma State freshman rushing record. What does that do for your confidence?

CH: “He’s amazing. What he did definitely shows that anything is possible there and that OSU is on the rise, going back to being Tailback U. Whether it’s me or JD King, it’s really a confidence booster that it can be done at OSU.”

PS: Why should Cowboy fans be excited about you?

CH: “I think because I’m coming, hopefully to make the team better. Not just on the field, I’m just going to try and lead the team to great things. I’m just going to bring a positive vibe and competition at the running back position and help lead OSU to a Big 12 Championship.”

PS: I want to let people get to know you a little bit more. What’s your favorite food?

CH: “Chicken and Rice. My mom makes like a stew with chicken, a chicken stew that you put on rice. It’s awesome.”

PS: Who is your favorite NFL team and player?

CH: “Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings.”

PS: You know he went to OU?

CH: “Yeah, I know. It’s too bad.”

PS: Who is your favorite musical artist?

CH: “Tupac. I like old school.”

PS: Last question. What are you doing for signing day?

CH: “I’m gonna have a little thing at my school. I’m not the one planning it, but I’m going to be figuring It out. I know my coach is planning it.”

Thanks again to Chuba for the time. You can follow him on Twitter @Hubbard_RMN.