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Cowboy Football Recruiting: Q&A With LC Greenwood

I talked with the four star WR recruit ahead of National Signing Day.

Shamond “LC” Greenwood, a four-star wide receiver from Garland, Texas, made his first official visit to any school when he flew to Stillwater on the weekend of January 21st.

In his senior year, Greenwood caught 65 passes for 1091 yards and 16 touchdowns.

He committed to playing for Coach Gundy and the Cowboys way back on August 2, 2016.

Greenwood was nice enough to do a quick interview with me over the phone and answer a few questions before he officially signs with Oklahoma State on February 1.

Tyler Wiederhoeft: You made an official visit to Stillwater back on January 21st. What was the trip like?

LC Greenwood: “It was just amazing. Finally getting to see every detail about the school. Players were already there - receivers that will be over me and teaching me and stuff. Actually getting to meet all the coaches, and viewing the whole campus.”

TW: What was your favorite part of your visit?

LG: “I would have to say just getting to see every little part, but the food - even in the cafeteria.”

TW: There is quite a buzz around campus because of the depth of the WR position. You'll be learning from an experienced group of wide receivers like James Washington, Jalen McClesky, and Marcell Ateman. What benefits will that give you down the road?

LG: “It’s gonna be a great benefit because most of the receiving core is gonna be seniors, so that will give me a good chance - since they have already been through the system, they know plays, everything, routes, and I’ll get to learn everything from them. And then once they leave, I’ll have a good chance of starting, and just getting what I learned from them and doing it on the field.”

TW: Which Oklahoma State coaches have been the biggest in recruiting you?

LG: “Coach Dunn and Coach Yurcich.”

TW: There are were big name programs like TCU, Wisconsin, and Iowa that made scholarship offers. What made you pick Oklahoma State over the rest of them?

LG: “It just felt different when I got there. It just kept a smile on my face the whole time. Just, you know, a great feeling environment just pulled me in. And when I went there, they were one of the only schools that had players all around. It made me feel at home. I felt like I already knew them [the other players] as soon as I got there.”

TW: What was your favorite part of the recruiting process?

LG: ”Just the whole experience of knowing there's colleges out there that want you and help you develop to become a better player and a better man.”

TW: Why should Oklahoma State fans be excited about you?

LG: “I just feel like I’m a game changer. Someone you won’t be worried about when it’s 4th-and-2. Someone you can just pass the ball to. Throw it up. Do whatever. Get the ball in my hands, and I’ll do my best to score a touchdown. Just feel comfortable knowing the ball is going to me before the play even starts.”

TW: You go by the name LC Greenwood. Why LC, if you don’t mind my asking?

LG: “It’s just a name. I actually didn’t know that it was from [former Pittsburgh Steeler LC Greenwood]. That’s what everyone thinks. They also think it’s from my school (Lakeview Central), but it’s just a name.”

TW: What will you miss most about home?

LG: “Just being around everyone I know already from high school and had a great experience with. Not being able to see my family every day.”

TW: What’s your favorite food?

LG: “Pizza”

TW: Who is your favorite NFL team and/or favorite player?

LG: “Houston Texans, and I always say I don’t have a favorite player, but Julio Jones, DeAndre Hopkins, and A.J. Green are my top three receivers.”

TW: Who is your favorite musical artist?

LG: “Travis Scott”

TW: Are you doing anything special for National Signing Day?

LG: “Nah. Just going with all my teammates and then we are going to go through the district and we’re all going to sign together. That’s usually the Lakeview tradition around our school.”

Once again, I’d like to thank LC for taking the time to speak with me before he officially becomes a Cowboy. You can follow him on Twitter at @Lc_Greenwood.

Be on the lookout for more interviews from the CRFF staff with recruits in the days leading up to the 2017 College Football National Signing Day, which starts at 12:01 EST on Wednesday, Feb 1.