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STAFF THOUGHTS: Oklahoma State wins Bedlam 68-66

Our staff shares its thoughts on the win.

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Oklahoma Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

First off, what a win, right? Ended the streak? This game will go down in Bedlam lore and will be seen on highlights videos for years to come. If you haven’t seen how it ended, check it out here.

We’re going to do something different with this thoughts post. Cade, Sumer, and I will be combining our steamiest takes about the win.

Let’s get to some thoughts.


First off, how difficult is it TO MAKE A LAYUP? Apparently, pretty hard.

This is basic stuff guys. This game that had all fans on both sides reaching for either the heart pills or the alcohol - whichever was closer. If OSU makes even half of those layups, this game isn’t a game, and we wouldn’t need King For-trey to save us with less than 10 seconds left on the clock. Yes, I realize we also missed 16 threes, but that doesn’t bother me as much, because it is a much tougher shot. Layups are fundamental, 3-pointers are not.

Next up, I love how Underwood was (reportedly) taking shots at OU. I feel like Bedlam could be fun for a while.


***Disclaimer: This was written around midnight after the win. Okay, carry on...***

Okay, I am two bottles of wine and an arm deep in a can of Pringles. I hate OU. This win was huge. It only took us like, what, thirteen years? The guys fought, despite the awful layup situation.

Forte’s shot will live on forever in Bedlam history. Lindy Waters is the greatest thing to come out of Norman since Bison Witches. I was shaking so bad that I couldn’t drink correctly. Brad is changing our lives one game at a time. Forever you'll find us Loyal and True.

I am done here.


Wow. You guys are full of nuggets of wisdom! Tyler, you’re overreacting about the layup thing. You’re relatively new to Bedlam, so I’ll let it slide for now, but allow me a second to break this down for you ... *record scratch, “turn it up in my headphones”*

Never, ever, ever take a Bedlam win for granted. Regardless of how good or bad either team has been, all bets are off when they meet on the floor. That was the case last night, and we all could have told you that. For the better half of 21 years, I have watched Oklahoma State lose to far worse OU teams in dramatic fashion. A loss last night would’ve been totally crushing ... BUT INSTEAD, they pull out an incredible win.

No, the game probably shouldn’t have been so close, but it doesn’t even matter. The Cowboys broke a 12-year losing streak in Norman. That alone is reason to celebrate. So do it!

Okay, let’s get to some serious thoughts here...

  • The offense is just better when Jawun Evans is moving the ball. It happened on multiple occasions last night; the ball sticks and the offense stalls out and Evans is forced to drive and throw up a wild shot. The quicker he learns that he doesn’t have to do that, the better.
  • It’s absolute insanity that OSU won that game shooting 33 percent from the field. The only way they win that game is through second-chance points, a battle they dominated with a 20-7 offensive rebounding advantage.
  • Lindy Waters is going to be an incredible four-year player. I see Markel Brown-like growth potential in him. No, he probably won’t rip off a 360 dunk in transition, but he makes the hustle plays, and he knocks down shots. If you look back at the end-game scenario, he saved the day for Jawun Evans. Evans was on the floor looking for somebody after turning Woodard over, and Waters circled back across the floor and ran to Evans, giving him an easy out. It’s not a highlight play, but OSU probably doesn’t win without it.
  • I was thoroughly expecting to have my heart ripped out on OU’s last possession.
  • Jeff Carroll only had six points last night. OSU won’t win many games with that kind of night from him, but thankfully, that rarely happens. And they still won. Pretty incredible effort.
  • This win is more important than you might think ... Not only does it keep OSU in the NCAA Tournament hunt, but it keeps some valuable momentum going. The Cowboys will ride a four-game winning streak into Morgantown. If they were to lose there, it doesn’t matter in the slightest. West Virginia is currently slotted at fifth nationally by KenPom. But if they win, which is a very real possibility ... Oh, boy. Things start to get very real for Oklahoma State.
  • Final thought here ... IF Oklahoma State were to make a run to end the season and crack the NCAA Tournament, they are going to be an incredibly tough out. Guard play wins in March, and OSU has one of the best guards in the country in Jawun Evans. It’s too early to start talking about a potential deep run in the tournament because they’ve got to get there first ... But it’s not hard to imagine the Cowboys surprising some teams should they get there.
  • I leave you with this.