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High Noon Highlights (10/18): Mike Gundy Created a Monster in Stillwater, OK

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s High Noon.

Oklahoma State, Big Fans of Sleep

Rob Glass, making dudes huge then making dudes snooze. The Today Show featured Oklahoma State football and how they are putting sleep science to the test.

Pretty funny to see our guys on daytime TV. I wonder if my mom caught this episode?!

Tony Allen Says Goodbye to Memphis in Players Tribune Piece

And I hope you’ll still remember me a little for that. I hope you’ll remember how I left it all on the court, every night. I hope you’ll remember the Spurs series, and the Clippers series, and the OKC series, and all of the others. I hope you’ll remember how we created an identity to be proud of in this city, an identity that became bigger than basketball. And you know what, if that’s too much — then I hope you’ll just remember me as the guy from the airport. Last person you saw going out. First person you saw coming in. That was me, man. I was Memphis. And it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Grit and Grind forever, you feel me?

The Grind Father. One of the greatest Cowboys EVER. Though Tony Allen will be wearing a Pelicans jersey this season, he will always be remembered as the heart of the Grit and Grind Grizzlies. He meant so much to the franchise that they decided they would retire his #9 jersey.

Congrats, Tony!

Mike Gundy has Created a MONSTER

“It’s an unbelievable transformation,” says Dave Hunziker, the voice of Oklahoma State football and basketball. “Back when I arrived here [in 2001], a crowd of 36,000 or 37,000 was considered a nice crowd. Now it’s 56, 57,000 on a weekly basis.”

“For a long time here, we would have 32,000 faithful that would come to the games,” Gundy says. “Well, now we have 35,000 people that tailgate. This place is full. The RV lot is full. The RV parking lot used to be a gravel parking lot. There was two people in there.”

These fans certainly don’t expect to lose to TCU at home anymore.

“We have essentially created a monster that now you have to feed,” Gundy says.

MUST. READ. There is WAAYYYYY too many good quotes in here to paste.

As a youngin’ who wasn’t really a fan of Oklahoma State until I started going to school there in 2010, it’s insane to think about how small-time the school used to be. As long as I’ve been around Stillwater, the tailgates have been rowdy, BPS has been rocking and the football team has been pretty damn good. It didn’t always used to be like that.

Mike Gundy = Victor Frankenstein.