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NCAA Football Polls: Week 9

Oklahoma State v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

After the Cowboys struggled with Texas yesterday in a game that had both fans irrationally angry at everything, they have moved down only slightly in both AP and Coaches Poll.

The Associated Press put the Cowboys at No. 11 this week, down from No. 10 last week. Notre Dame scored a marquee win over USC, propelling the Fighting Irish into the Top 10, settling at No. 9.

After subpar wins by both the Cowboys and the Sooners, both teams were shifted down a single notch. OU now occupies OSU's former spot.

The Top 8 teams remained unchanged from last week, with no major upsets to shake up the core. The full Top 10, in order, are: Alabama, Penn State, Georgia, TCU, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Clemson, Miami, Notre Dame, Oklahoma.

West Virginia and Iowa State are the other two Big 12 representatives in the AP Poll. The Mountaineers are sitting at No. 22, while the surprising Cyclones are occupying the No. 25 spot.

With the Mountaineers ranked, Saturday's matchup will be a Top-25 battle, only one of four Top-25 matchups. Iowa State vs. TCU is the other Top-25 matchup in the Big 12.

In the Coaches Poll, the Cowboys also fell a spot, from No. 11 to No. 12. Notre Dame jumped six spots into the Top 10, meanwhile, Oklahoma State was jumped by Washington, who had a bye.

The Top 10 in the Coaches Poll is similar, but with a one slight difference. Oklahoma keeps its No. 9 ranking - despite struggling against Kansas State - and Notre Dame occupies the final spot.

West Virginia is the only other Big 12 team in the Coaches Poll Top 25, coming in at No. 22, making Saturday's matchup with the Cowboys one of only three Top-25 matchups.