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MVP Draft Week 8 Recap: Texas

Everything seems to be backwards this week.

Jeremy Kolok/O’Colly

Here we are, three days after the Big 10 matchup of the week - sorry Big 12 matchup - that saw the Oklahoma State Cowboys escape the Texas Longhorns in Austin by the hair of their chinny chin chins, 13-10 in overtime.

In one of the greatest (so bad it was good?) battles of defensive strength and offensive ineptitude I’ve seen in a while, placekicker Matt Ammendola was the one of the heroes (another weird twist) for the Cowboys and Sam Ehlinger was the scapegoat (not to be confused with the G.O.A.T.) for Texas.

The game featured two touchdowns - one by each team - and 20 total punts. The game featured 701 total yards of offense between the two teams and 934 yards worth of punts.

I honestly don’t know how I put up with the Big 10 growing up. That game was awful.

I could rant and rave all day about that game, but I’ll save myself the time and move into the MVP picks.

Just as a refresher, here are the current standings.

Standings after Week 7:

T1 - Dustin: 8
T1 - Micah: 8
T1 - “Pete”: 8
4 - Joel: 6
5 - Cade: 4

Oklahoma State


There aren’t a ton of ways to go this week. Mason Rudolph had a decent day, going 25-of-38 for 282 yards. He lost 14 yards on seven rushes on the day, and his QBR of 39.4 is among the worst of his career. James Washington was double and triple teamed for most of the day, securing only four catches for 32 yards. The entire 5-person panel believed either Rudolph or Washington would get the point. Well, sorry guys, but not this week.

Jalen McCleskey had eight receptions (a game high) for 78 yards, and would have been my pick, if he wouldn’t have dropped a sure-fire touchdown. J.D. King was the only Cowboy to find the end zone, but with only 43 yards on 11 carries, I don’t think he earned it. Marcell Ateman led the team in yards, but 75 percent of his total yards came on one play, a 66-yard bomb to get the Cowboys inside the red zone.

Instead, I’m going to go with Justice Hill.

Oklahoma State v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Hill was a workhorse out of the backfield, due to Rudolph’s minor injury and/or Mike Yurcich’s refusal to throw the ball. Hill ended the game with 33 rushes for 117 yards, averaging 3.55 yards per carry.


I mean...this is obvious, isn’t it? While the ENTIRE defense deserves the MVP nod, the rules say I have to pick one player.

Justin Phillips again led the team in tackles, recording seven, along with half a sack and half a TFL. Jordan Brailford was disruptive in the Texas backfield all game long, recording six tackles, 1.5 TFL and 1.5 sacks. He may have secured the point if he had just fallen on the ball instead of trying for a scoop-and-score.

Calvin Bundage about murdered 6-4, 250 pound RB Chris Warren.

But it was Ramon Richards who came up with the game-saving interception - one of the easiest in his life - in overtime to secure the Cowboy victory.

That wasn’t it though. Richards recorded six tackles, five of which were solo and one TFL. Richards appears to be enjoying his move to safety, and I am more than happy to reward him for his play. Sure beats what I was doing last season, which I won’t repeat because this is a family site.



Can I make this Sam Ehlinger? To thank him for making such a poor play and keeping the Cowboys’ playoff hopes clinging to a thread? It was reported today that the Texas team doctors have noticed “symptoms” with Ehlinger after the game Saturday.

With Ehlinger’s borderline-reckless style of play, along with the physicality of his last two games against OU and OSU, that doesn’t sound good. We here at CRFF are all hoping everything is precautionary and nothing is serious.

I’m still not convinced John Burt wasn’t out of bounds on his 90-yard tiptoe down the sidelines, so he doesn’t get the point either.

Everyone on the Texas offense was hot garbage Saturday, so I’m not going to give out a point.


Ohh man Malik Jefferson is a one-man wrecking crew, isn’t he? Well, not quite, because Kris Boyd was pretty damn dominant on his own as well.

Jefferson had 14 tackles, 11 of which were on his own, and a QB hurry. Boyd had 13 tackles, 11 solo, and two passes defended.

“Pete” I can appreciate your going out on a limb here, but it cost you. If you would have went with Boyd, I probably would have given you a point as well, but DeShon Elliott’s two tackles just isn’t going to quite cut it.

Let’s total up the points!

Cade- 1 point

OSU: O - James Washington | D - Justin Phillips
UT: O - Sam Ehlinger | D - Malik Jefferson

“Pete”- 1 point

OSU: O - James Washington | D - Ramon Richards
UT: O - Collin Johnson | D – Deshon Elliott

Dustin - 1 point

OSU: O - Mason Rudolph | D - Calvin Bundage
UT: O - Sam Ehlinger | D - Malik Jefferson

Joel - 1 point

OSU: O - James Washington | D - Calvin Bundage
UT: O - Sam Ehlinger | D - Malik Jefferson

Micah - 1 point

OSU: O - Mason Rudolph | D - Jordan Brailford
UT: O - Chris Warren | D – Malik Jefferson

Standings after Week 7:

T1 - Dustin: 9
T1 - Micah: 9
T1 - “Pete”: 9
4 - Joel: 7
5 - Cade: 5

With everyone getting one point, the standings don’t change. Stay tuned though, as the gamemaker may have intervened behind the scenes and switched things up. There may be about to be a huge shakeup to the standings after the West Virginia game!