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The Bush League Podcast (Ep. 2) - An Interview with former Oklahoma State punter Kip Smith

We have our first guests on the show this week!

Pitt v Oklahoma State Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

This is the second episode of the Bush League Podcast! This is a podcast myself and former Oklahoma State pitcher, Trey Cobb, have started doing together. While we do talk about Oklahoma State, we also talk about the World Series and the rest of College Football in this episode.

Additionally, Trey and I had our first guest on the show this week! Kip Smith, former Oklahoma State punter, joined us for a fantastic interview. We also started a new weekly segment on the show. It is called “Against the Seth,” where we pick college football betting lines with a friend of Trey, Seth Samuelson.

Check out the episode below on Soundcloud:

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