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HALFTIME THOUGHTS: Oklahoma State 23, West Virginia 10

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Here we are at halftime with the Cowboys leading the Mountaineers 23-10. Here are some thoughts from the first half.

  • Brad Lundblade is a godsend.

After hearing Lundblade was going to be back this weekend, I was slightly worried that he wasn’t quite ready. This doesn’t appear to be the case. The Cowboys are averaging 4 YPC in the first half, and a big part of that starts with Lundblade and the offensive line.

  • J.D. King is a BEAST

Man, this freshman can play. He reminds me of Chris Carson - strong runner, elusive and physical. I mean, look at the way he DECKED this poor DB.

And then look at the combo of Lundblade and King on the touchdown to extend the lead to 23-3.

At the half, King has 96 yards on 24 rushes. Losing Justice Hill sucks, but the depth in the backfield is really nice.

  • This defense is muy bueno.

Let’s not be mistaken. This WVU offense can be lethal. The Cowboys held them to 10 points and two turnovers in the first half. The defensive line has been stifling and Glenn Spencer has every right to be ecstatic in the box.

Then there is this.

After the horrible struggles to get off the field on third downs in the first half of the season, this is reassuring.

  • Don’t let up.

The rain is about to start falling steadily in the second half.

The running game has been working, so don’t change it. However, don’t rely on it exclusively. Above all, TAKE CARE OF THE BALL. Ball security is job security (S/O to Billy Football and PMT). If the Cowboys can continue to play like they did in the first half and eliminate the turnovers, they could be set up in a good position.

Enjoy the second half!