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High Noon Highlights: Rudolph Moving Up on McShay’s Draft Rankings

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

It’s high noon.

Future Cowboy OL says Stillwater “Felt Like Home”

All in all, Bray seems like a college coach’s dream. He is looking forward to playing under Mike Gundy and crew; he said the coaching staff is one of the things he is most excited about when it comes to playing football in Stillwater.

The other major reason Bray chose Oklahoma State is because, “it felt like home when I was there.”

Bray seems like one of those high character guys that Coach Gundy and the staff have been talking about in regards to recruiting. Bray seems like an old-school type of lineman, and I’m very excited to see the o-line that Coach Henson has put together for the future.

Sports Illustrated Predicts OSU vs A&M Matchup in Memphis, TN

I would LOOOOOOVE to play A&M again. They were my favorite fan base to make fun of when we were playing regularly back in the day. Aggies are all psychotic. All of them. A bunch of psychos with chants and dude cheerleaders and stuff. Bananaland, y’all.

However, the Autozone Liberty Bowl isn’t cutting it for me... I mean, I’ll go to Memphis and eat my weight in BBQ, but being in Memphis means that TCU and OU beat us out. Oklahoma State fans aren’t allowed to criticize TCU for at least a year, but there’s no way they actually make it to the Big 12 Championship with KENNY HILL as their quarterback. Right? ..... Right?

Check out their full predictions here.

Rudolph Moves to #32 in Todd McShay’s Latest Mock Draft Rankings

Rudolph improved upon a good 2015 campaign with a better 2016, throwing for more than 4,000 yards with 28 touchdowns and only four interceptions. He has the frame (listed at 6-foot-4, 233 pounds) and mental makeup that you look for, but his below-average arm strength is a concern. With 16 passing TDs to only four INTs, along with five rushing TDs, he has had an impressive start to the season.

October Mock Drafts..... Probably not very accurate. Rudolph has plenty of time to move to wherever he belongs.

Full draft rankings for those of you who pay for ESPN...

Go Pokes!