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An Interview with Oklahoma State Football Commit JayVeon Cardwell

We were able to ask some questions to Oklahoma State Cornerback commit JayVeon Cardwell. Find out what the Texas native said.

Scout/Greg Powers

This year’s team will go as far as the defense will take them, but what about next year? It’s no secret that the staff has made a concentrated effort of recruiting defensive backs. Perhaps the top defensive back they have in the fold right now is JayVeon Cardwell. I was able to ask him a few questions about himself and his thoughts. Our interview is below.


JayVeon Cardwell (Cibolo, TX)

Position: Cornerback (3-star 2018)

Measureables: 6’0’’; 175 lbs

Committed: Ok St (6/26/17)

Also Considered: Ole Miss, Vanderbilt

First off, I have to ask. Why Ok State? What made you certain your future was going to be in Stillwater?

JC: "I talked to Coach Duffie, Coach Gundy and Coach hammer a lot during the spring. I went to visit in June and it just felt like Home. It’s really similar to my city. The coaches and players I met on my visit just made me feel like I fit right in with their culture. They also have a good sports and coaching science program that I’m really interested in. Everything is just right for me and my family."

What should the cowboy fans expect to see from your game? In better words, what do you value in your game the most?

JC: "I read plays & anticipate where the ball is going. I work hard and it shows on the field because I have become a shut down corner. I always cover any teams best WR that we play. I am an explosive tackler and I make plays. I am a leader too and that’s on and off the field. That’s what the fans will see."

What are your goals for the rest of your senior season on the field?

JC: "Well personally I would like to beat the current interception record of 7 that I did tie last year. I just want to play well for my team, shut down everything around me and help lead us to state and a championship ring."

Who's your biggest source of motivation?

JC: "My parents because they really push me to be the best and always believe in me no matter what."

Are you close to any other recruits/current cowboy players? And if so, who?

JC: "Recruits are Blake Barron, Tyler Lacy, Jahmyl Jeter, Kanion Williams, and a couple more. My mom talks to Stern’s and Simmons’ moms from time to time."

This is real basic but it says a lot. In your eyes, who is JayVeon Cardwell?

JC: "I am humble, I love my family and God. I work hard everyday to make myself better at my craft. I’m loyal to people and trustworthy. Just trying to get to the next level sir."

Thanks again to JayVeon for taking time out of his day to chat with me. It will be great to see him in black and orange next year.