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Week 6 Big 12 Power Rankings: West Virginia at TCU headlines conference action with OSU idle

Check out our staff Big 12 Power Rankings from #1 all the way to Baylor!

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m glad to have a bye week after last Saturday's thriller in Lubbock. Conference play still continues without the Cowboys as West Virginia’s trip to TCU has the biggest implications in our Cowboys Ride For Free Big 12 Power Rankings. Check out our complete Week 6 Power Rankings, and leave us your Big 12 Power Rankings in the comment section!

#10 Baylor

Overreact much?! This team is still winless and deserves the cellar no matter how close the game was against OU. Let's not forget this team lost to Liberty, UTSA and Duke. — Brodie Smith

#9 Kansas

"Superfund is a United States federal government program designed to fund the cleanup of sites contaminated with hazardous substances and pollutants." An infinite army of Mr. Clean's couldn't scrub the awful from Memorial Stadium. Texas Tech wins by 11,000 points this weekend. — Michael Stephenson

#8 Iowa State

Looked competitive in non-conference and then blew every opportunity to beat Texas. Quarterback play will limit wins. — Cory Landes

#7 Texas

Hey, Texas is back! Well, if being back means beating Iowa State. Far too much was made of the showing against USC, and this team still has lots to prove to move higher in the rankings. — Brodie Smith

#6 Kansas State

I’m really curious to see how K-State will do at Texas tomorrow. The Wildcats could use a little credibility after a loss to Vanderbilt and a so-so showing against Baylor. —Gallagher Martin

#5 Texas Tech

The offense Kingsbury rolled with seemed like Bizzaro-Tech, but the Red Raiders hung with the Pokes with help from OSU's kicking game and a pick-six against Mason Rudolph. This team continues to show heart as a host of transfers adjusts to conference foes. — Brodie Smith

#4 West Virginia

Performance at TCU will show if Mountaineers are contender or pretender. — Cory Landes

#3 Oklahoma State

This bye week is good both for the team and the fans. OSU needs to get healthy and these past two weeks have put a lot of strain on my mental health. — Gallagher Martin

#2 TCU

Beat the second best team in the conference on the road and cement your place in its spot in these rankings. I'm not convinced the Horned Frogs are "for real" (check Kirk Herbstreit's "eye test"), but it's earned the slot behind OU. — Brodie Smith

#1 Oklahoma

OU keeps the top spot despite having the week off, and Lincoln Riley is quietly mouthing "thank you" and blowing kisses to Bob Stoops up in the press box. While their next opponent, Iowa State, exists for the sole purpose of stubbing the toes of overlooking teams, I expect OU to hold firm until Bedlam. -- Michael Stephenson